Questions About the MHS Band Program, Answered by Current Band Members 

A.  Freshman Flute

B.  Freshman Trumpet

C.  Freshman Flute

D.  Freshman Clarinet

E.  Sophomore French Horn

F.  Junior Trombone

G.  Senior Alto Sax

H.  Senior Clarinet

1. I’m glad I am part of the high school band program because:

A.  It helped me find my place.  The people in the band are some of my closest friends, and I always feel great when walking into class.

B.  It is a great way to meet new friends, even before school starts with marching band.  You can better yourself from learning from the seniors and there are more opportunities to learn music and improve your skill level.  P.S.  Sometimes you even get food!

C.  You learn more about music.  The students are always energetic and so is the teacher.

D.  I’m learning so many new things, meeting so many nice and interesting people, and I feel like it’s going to make me more social with people outside my group of friends.

E.  I have met so many new friends that I wouldn’t have met if I hadn’t been in high school band.  It’s also a lot of fun, and it’s really a unique class; there’s no other class you could take that’s quite like band.  Also, you learn so much more about your instrument and music in general.  It makes you love music so much more!

F.  I enjoy playing music and I like the people in this program.

G.  I have met friends that I will keep in touch with after we graduate.  Band people (students and staff included) are some of the most interesting, fun, well-rounded people at MHS.  It made my freshman year so much easier because I had many upperclassmen friends to help me through the transition.

H.  I love making music, and you make a lot of friends.

2. Something all middle school students should know about the high school band program:

A.  It may seem hard at first, but everyone is so supportive and you grow as a musician and person so much.  The hard work is worth it!

B.  Don’t be afraid—it’s the same as when you move up from 6th grade to Cadet/Varsity/Concert Band.

C.  It is a lot better than middle school band—you make more friends because everyone is so friendly.

D.  You really need to practice.  You can’t wing a lot of the music because they really test your ability.

E.  It’s a very accepting, loving, fun group of people.  There are so many people with such different              personalities that it doesn't matter what social group you belong to, you will make friends in band, and        will belong to the social group, “band kids.”    That’s a good thing!  :)  Also, you improve so much more on your instrument, and that makes you love playing it more.  You also learn more about how music is put together and why and what everything means.

F.  Band is very relaxed, but we get a lot done.  The band is very friendly and supportive.

G.  You can’t deny, it’s a HUGE commitment (especially marching band), but it is the most important thing you will ever do!  Band competitions are AWESOME!  :)  Ms. Sare knows how to make you a better musician!  She’s super nice and smart as well!  Nobody makes fun of band kids.  It’s not like the movies.  Other students are very accepting, as you should be of them.  Your band groupies will AL WAYS be there for you if you ever need someone to talk to.

H.  You need to try it for one year at least!  It’s so much fun!  It may be hard at first, but we will all help you. 

3. Being in high school band changed me in the following way:

A.  I became more responsible and dependable.  Plus, I have a whole new respect for all music!  I have made many new friends as well.

B.  It taught me to be more myself and that I’m not the only weird one!

C.  I’m more comfortable with myself and being around people because of how everyone in band is like family.

D.  It made me more social, introduced me to new kinds of notes and rhythms, and expanded my knowledge of music.

E.  It made me a lot more confident with everything about me.  I’m more confident with being myself, because being around all these great people made me comfortable with who I am.  I’m also more out going by A LOT, because in high school band, you can’t hide, so you might as well go all out.  It also made me not as self-conscious about what people think of me or how I look, because everybody looks bad at band camp, and nobody thinks twice about it.

F.  Band has made me a much more outspoken person.  It helped me be much more open with others.

G.  I has allowed me to open up and not be so shy around people.  I have learned many valuable leader ship skills and I have gained more confidence in the last four years than I probably ever will in my en tire life.  Being a senior, I can safely say that the upperclassmen we are leaving behind are an awesome group of kids who will be great friends and teachers for you.  They are all amazing people and very talented as well.  Don’t be afraid of them!

H.  I became a better musician, more confident, and a better leader.

4.  Other clubs/sports/activities/jobs I participate in:

Marching band, color guard, track and field, swimming & diving, basketball, fall musical, quiz bowl, student council, National Honor Society, lacrosse, ski team, after school tutoring, anime club, MHS Hot Robotics team, Spanish club, tennis, volleyball, Asian culture club, baseball, horse back riding, working at the stables, writing classes, deviant art program, dance, Harry Potter club, war club, teaching children’s religious classes, church youth group, concessionist at movie theater, equestrian, football, baby sitting, cross country, work at Colasanti’s, work at McDonald’s, motocross, Boy Scouts, martial arts, play in a rock band, winter drum line, winter color guard, Dr. Who club, STARS theatrical program, work at Alpine Valley, travel hockey, guitar club, fencing, piano, snowboarding,  any many more!