As a student at Milford High School, you will be eligible for many honors band put on by various different universities and even MSBOA.  The most competitive applicants will have Solo & Ensemble experience at the high school level, particularly those who play a solo and earn a Division I rating at district Solo & Ensemble and then a score of 90 or above on a Proficiency solo at MSBOA State Solo & Ensemble.

OU Honors Band 2015

Milford High School students have participated and often held principal (first) chairs in the following honors ensembles:

University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Youth Band

Spartan Youth Wind Symphony

Michigan Youth Arts Festival Honors Band

MSBOA All-State Band

MSBOA Honors Concert & Jazz Bands

Albion College Honors Band

Concordia University Honors Band

Oakland University Honors Band

Olivet Honors Band

University of Michigan-Flint Honors Band

UM Flint HB
Albion Honors Band
MSBOA 2015
Sierra Snyder MYB