These links are from the ELA 10 classes. There assignment was to make a social activism website. Please check out our student work by looking at the websites linked below. Thank you!  A fantastic website dedicated to a student's friend who battled ovarian cancer.  Gives information about stray animals in the Detroit area.  Gives information about Crohn's Disease, how many people suffer, and how to treat and life with the disease.  A website dedicated to reckless driving awareness, how/why it happens, and how to stop it.  Gives information about teenage pregnancy and what options are available to young pregnant mothers.  A website dedicated to putting an end to people texting while driving.  A website dedicated to poverty in Oakland County as well as Michigan.  Provides information about pregnancy, abortion, and all of the factors that are involved in the issue.  A website dedicated to spreading awareness about racial profiling, racism, and the effects it has on victims.  Information about pollution in the Detroit area and how to prevent it.  A website dedicated to spreading awareness about energy drinks and the negative effects they can have on youths.  Fantastic website with information about the problems of knee injuries in high school sports, how to avoid them, and how to treat them if they occur.  Inspired by the LHS Mock Car Crash, this website provides information on underage drinking as well as the Mock Car Crash event itself.  Information on special education programs in Huron Valley and how to help students with special needs.  This site is about trout and how they have been suffering and are on the verge of extinction. It offers ways to help save this species of fish.  This is a site designed by an autistic student to offer hope and resources for help if you have autism.  Students designed the site to help change people's views on homosexuality and allow more tolerance. Our website is about endangered animals and ways to help, and reason why.  This site is an anti-smoking site that enables people to realize that they can have some positive role in a smoker's attempt to quit. This website is about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and ways to prevent them. We made this website to help others understand what Breast Cancer is, and help answer any questions they have about it!
This is a website about bullying and its effects. This website is all about pushing people to help stop animal cruelty and what they can do to help. website is about standing up to child abuse by enlightening people to the problem that it is.  Our website is informing the public about poverty in the United States. It also can help those in need by giving them tips.  This website is about muscular dystrophy and neuromuscular disease. It also informs people on how they can help combat this disease.  This a website about recycling and keeping our Earth clean. It's about the causes of the carelessness people have for the Earth and how we can fix it.