Lakeland English Language Arts Department

English Language Arts comprises the largest academic department at Lakeland High School.  Our thirteen teachers not only represent over 140 years of classroom experience, but the majority also hold advanced degrees.  Three of our teachers are Huron Valley graduates, five are alumni of the National Writing Project, and ten are published writers.  The philosophy of the English Language Arts Department at Lakeland is to prepare students with 21st century skills that will enable them to become educated, eloquent, and empathetic members of society.  To that end, our faculty strives to inspire and engage students through innovative teaching methods that concentrate on developing students' abilities to think critically and problem solve, with a focus on strengthening reading, writing, and analytical skills.

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Course Name: ELA 9
Book Name: McDougal Littell Literature Grade 9 - eEdition
Web Link to the Book:
ISBN #: 9780618566099
Course Name: ELA 10
Book Name: McDougal Littell Literature - American Literature - eEdition
Web Link to the Book:
ACTIVATION CODE: 4731395-190
ISBN #: 9780618965571