The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) is an organization founded in 1978 by the National Art Education Association (NAEA). This organization was established specifically for high school students, grades 10-12, for the purpose of inspiring and recognizing those students who have shown an outstanding ability in art. The NAHS strives to aid members in working toward the attainment of the highest standards in art areas, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community. Students qualify by earning at least a cumulative ‘B' average in all their art classes. Additionally, they have to be recommended by an instructor from the Lakeland Art Department as a student who has displayed interests and talents in the visual arts.


Our NAHS Chapter is still growing and we are working on becoming a larger part of the the LHS Art scene. We are still working to create and install more artwork around our school and become a more visible part of our school and community.

We are currently in the process of registering and orienting new and returning members. This year, we will be holding regular meetings, twice a month. Members in good standing will be required to complete at least 15 art-related volunteer hours. Seniors interested in walking during graduation with NAHS color chords will be required to complete 25 hours.

Last year our group took an exciting and educational trip to New York. This year we are determining if we have enough interest in a trip to Italy. We would go in June after school gets out. If we get enough interest, we will be initiating fundraising directly.


We are looking forward to another fun and artful school year!



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