Grade Level: 11, 12
Prerequisite: Completion of Course Application & Portfolio, + Instructor Approval

The AP Program in Studio Art is intended for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art and wish to obtain college credit for doing so. Students should be made aware that AP work involves significantly more  commitment and accomplishment than the typical high school course and that the program is not for the casually interested. AP Studio Art is a college level course in which the student may earn two college credits. Students are required to do summer work, which counts toward first card marking grades, and work is catalogued during the year by a digital portfolio. Student’s best work is submitted at the end of the year in physical/digital form to the College Board and is graded during the summer after the course by professional jurors. In addition to costs of $30.00 per semester for college-quality art supplies, students will need to pay portfolio printing and matting fees. There is also a fee for the college credits, which is determined by the College Board. A sketchbook and a combination lock are required. (FEE $30)