Student Spotlights

Harbor students are wildly are a few samples-be prepared to be impressed!!!

Student Spotlights

Below is a selection of student testimonials and interviews with Harbor High School Alumni about their experiences at Harbor and the benefits of the small alternative learning environment.  

Kylie Thorpe is a 2018 graduate of Harbor High School. Kylie is one of those students that regularly impressed all her teachers with her dedication and commitment to going above and beyond.  She’s an avid reader, and loves animals.  Kylie is planning to attend Ross Medical and pursue a career as a veterinary technician.  

Kylie from anne zambito on Vimeo.



Jacob Zahn epitomizes the Harbor High School success story. He came to us early in his high school career and used that time wisely. With good grades and high motivation, he positioned himself to be successful. Staff recommended  and encouraged him to pursue the ACE program. Two years later, Jacob is graduating as this year’s 2018 Valedictorian and next year when he finishes his ACE program, he will have earned 60 college credits and an associates degree.




Nick Langmeyer is a 2016 graduate of Harbor High School. After graduation, he enrolled at Specs Howard School of Media Arts.  A year later he graduated from Specs and found work as a camera operator and photographer.  Nick says his video production classes at Harbor helped him see a future for himself in the field of media arts.