In these past few school years, we have seen a change in the format of the girls group that is typically offered at Harbor High School.  In keeping with the spirit of Challenge Day which focuses on building community within the school environment, the Girls Talking Circle was born.  The purpose of this group is to STOP the busy world around us, BREATHE deeply and THINK about how we value ourselves. 

Once a week, select students are invited to spend time talking with each other and the school psychologist, Miss Bender about topics that are relevant in their lives…they are invited to think about, discover and define what it means to be a woman today. Some topics that we cover are self-esteem, positive body image, relationships, stress and emotions, and important questions every woman should ask herself.   We never know what turns the conversation will take, but if it’s important enough for the girls to bring up, then we dedicate some time to talking about it.