The Huron Valley School District strives to create personal leadership opportunities for students. As a district, the goal is that all students graduate as: analytical, critical, self-directed, lifelong, digital learners; innovative, creative problem-solvers; effective communicators and collaborators; healthy, responsible citizens who are excellent producers of quality work. Providing opportunities for all students to acquire or enhance these skills is a tall order.

Students can participate in a variety of school clubs and groups such as Student Leadership, Creative Writing Club, Basketball Club, Angling Club, Men’s Leadership, Girl’s Group as well as a myriad of social support groups. Harbor students can also participate as traditional student athletes at the two in-district comprehensive high schools.

Harbor High School's Student Advisory determined that another way to increase student achievement was to let students see what opportunities are available by inviting colleges and other post-secondary training program representatives to talk with students. As a result, presenters from Oakland Community College, The Art Institute, and Baker College regularly visit throughout the year so students can begin making plans for their lives beyond the diploma.

Harbor High School staff is proud of the efforts the staff and students have made to enhance student leadership. Students who gravitate toward alternative education often possess a natural inclination to follow the "road less traveled," exploring a non-traditional path in pursuit of a high school education. In doing so, personality characteristics often surface that reveal students with an adventuresome spirit; a curious, risk-taking nature; and a fearlessness about changing directions when current circumstances are not producing favorable outcomes. Harbor High School staff strives to bring these attributes to the forefront for all of our students while simultaneously integrating other skills to ensure that well-rounded leadership is established. As a staff, we are thrilled to work with such an interesting group of young men and women.