Upcoming Spring Bond Work at Johnso

Dear Johnson Parents and Guardians

In November of 2019, the residents of the Huron Valley School district voted to approve a bond and building site sinking fund initiative capturing over $200 million dollars of renovations to be completed over the course of the next 10 years. The passage of our bond and sinking fund initiative is a testament to your commitment to our children, our schools and our community - and for that, our gratitude can not be overstated!

At Johnson, bond work is slated to start as early as this March (weather permitting), continue into the summer and into early fall. Renovations include, but are not limited to, a new safe, secure, and aesthetically pleasing entryway, new floors in all classrooms and paint throughout the building, lockers for all grades, Media Center upgrades, a make-over to our cafeteria, and new classroom furniture for students and teachers. Again, although not a comprehensive list, you can imagine the scope of such a project and how much work will need to be completed in a limited amount of time in order to be ready for the new school year in  fall. In the spirit of Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind, I know that when everything is completed, Johnson will look like a brand new building and that is very exciting!

The first of our projects is going to be the main entryway and office and is slated to begin  just a few weeks from now, in early March. This renovation will have an impact on the location of the main office as well as where students enter and exit the building. Below is a breakdown of what will be most important for you to know.

Main Office

To allow for construction to begin in early March, our office staff will be relocating to the classroom directly across the hall. This classroom is currently unoccupied, allowing us to temporarily move into the space without displacing any students. All phone numbers, email, and contact information will remain the same and, because we are still greatly minimizing visitors to the building, the impact on your daily interaction with office staff will be minimal. The major difference will be for students arriving late or parents that must get something in the hands of our office staff. In those cases, you will have access to the main office by following the sidewalk around the north end of the building to the very first door on the left (formerly a kindergarten classroom) and labeled B1. There, you will “buzz” the office to speak to someone, just as we currently do.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Area

As you know, our K-2 students currently use the main entryway to enter the building in the morning and exit at the end of the day and our 3-5 graders currently enter and exit at the “middle doors” Just down from the middle doors, we also have a set of doors under the “Arts and Activities” overhang that students currently do not access.

On March 1, we will simply shift all student entryways downward. This means students in grades K-2 will enter/exit at the middle doors, and grades 3 - 5 will enter/exit at the last set of doors under the “Arts and Activities” signage. All cars will need to pull up all the way to the last set of doors to fully utilize or pick up drop off areas. Just as we do at the start of the year, we will have staff stationed outside and inside to guide the student to their classrooms. Attached to this email is an illustration showing the exit and entry point for when construction commences.

Again, these changes are not happening immediately and as the beginning date for bondwork nears, I will be sure to re-communicate these plans with you. In the meantime, it will be helpful if you can begin having conversations regarding what to expect with your child now. With so much continual change over the past year, the more we can proactively communicate to our children what to expect, the more it will put them at ease when the changes are implemented.

As usual, thank you for your continued support and understanding. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to reachout to me via phone or email.

In partnership.

Mr. Gignac

Principal, Johnson Elementary


In the graphic above, you will see that the main entry will be under construction, moving access to our main office and shifting our entryways for all grade levels to the next set of doors. You will also notice that the pick-up and drop off area has been shifted downward slightly. Students should remain in the car until just after the first curve and pull all the way to the next bumper before releasing students. There, staff will guide them into the doors and their classrooms. The same protocols remain for pick-up.