Celebrating Success at Johnson

Dear Johnson Parents and/or Guardians,

Although hard to believe, in the coming weeks we will be entering the latter third of our school year. With that come warmer temperatures, blooming flowers, chirping birds, and…spring assessments. These assessments include (but are not limited to) the NWEA MAP test for all grades and the M-STEP state assessment for grades 3 – 5 only. Although these assessments are a few months away and additional information will follow, there is no time better than now to celebrate the learning currently taking place at Johnson.

At Johnson, we continue to take a “go slow to go far approach,” focusing on strategically choosing a few growth areas to do well vs. doing too many things unsuccessfully and at once. At the center of everything we do is our mission of inspiring, empowering and growing leaders. Student success is our end in mind. We continually work to improve on what we are currently doing, as well as introduce and refine new strategies, structures or programs to make us better each day, week, month and year. Over the course of the past four years, we have narrowed our focus to three buckets: academic achievement, student leadership, and espousing a culture of thinking. As a building and according to our M-STEP data, as a percent proficient, for SY 2018-2019, 55.3% of our students were proficient in ELA. This was 1% above our district average but 9.7% above the state average. For math, our percent proficient wasn’t as high; however, this dip is also consistent across the district and state as well. As a school, we scored 46% proficient. As a district, we were at 48.6% proficient and as a state 41% proficient. This puts us comfortably 5% above the state average and just over 2% below the district average in math. According to schooldigger.com we rank in the 65th percentile, statewide. This means that we are outperforming 65% of the schools in Michigan. This is down roughly 4% from the previous year, however, remains well above where we were just four years prior, the 47th percentile. To ensure continual growth, we have dedicated this school year to learning about and implementing authentic professional learning communities (PLCs). Through our PLC work, teachers will be spending 45 minutes to an hour with their grade levels every week, analyzing data and planning interventions/enrichment opportunities for our students.

In closing, Johnson has shown continued improvement since the initial M-STEP assessment in 2015. In 2016, we were named a “Reward School” by showing more growth than 95% of the schools across the state. Although the state of Michigan did not label or recognize schools the following years, we have maintained the high level of academic achievement warranted by the “Reward School” label. Of course, we are very proud of this continued success and with a laser-like focus on the goals outlined in our school improvement plan as well as our leadership initiative, Cultures of Thinking, and Title 1 supports; we believe the future is bright for Johnson Elementary!


Josh Gignac, Principal

Johnson Elementary School