Virtual Kindergarten Orientation

Welcome to Huron Valley Schools! We’re so excited that your family is joining our Huron Valley family. For the 2020-2021 school year, we’re conducting a virtual Kindergarten Orientation. Please take a moment to view our quick introductory video before following the steps below. 

Register now for the 2020-2021 school year

Step 1: View Kindergarten Video

Step 2: Complete Online Registration

NEW FAMILIES: Please complete the New Student Online Enrollment Account Request  for all new students enrolling in Huron Valley Schools. 

RETURNING FAMILIES: If you have children currently enrolled and attending a school in our district, please submit the new student online application through your Family Access account.

Step 3: Submit Documentation

Once the online enrollment application is completed, an HVS team member will contact you to complete the process. The following documentation is needed: 

1) Child's Original Birth Certificate (with seal) 

2) Parent/Guardian Identification (valid driver's license or passport)

3) Two Proofs of Residency

4) Official Immunization Record from Doctor's office.

5) Vision Screening - Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten students only.

6) Guardianship Documentation (if applicable)

7) Special Education Documents – Current IEP/MET (if applicable)

8) Kindergarten Profile Form - Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten students

9) Kindergarten Transportation Release Form - Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten students

10) Kindergarten Age Waiver (if turn 5 years old 9/2/2020-12/1/2020) Junior Kindergarten & Kindergarten students

*Due to COVID-19, all documents can be shared electronically. When face-to-face instruction resumes, original documentation will need to be provided. 


Additional Information

Meet Your Principal

Meet Your Principal

Huron Valley Schools will host a virtual Meet-Your-Principal event at 6:30 p.m., Wednesday, May 20. Click the link below to view the meeting for your school. 

Country Oaks Elementary
Gary Hamilton, principal
Meet Your Principal

Heritage Elementary
Jenna Stevens,  principal
Meet Your Principal

Highland Elementary
Patti Woodruff, principal
Meet Your Principal

Johnson Elementary
Josh Gignac, principal
Meet Your Principal

Kurtz Elementary
Steve Chisik, principal
Meet Your Principal

Lakewood Elementary
Jill Brower, principal
Meet Your Principal

Oxbow Elementary
Justine Greenleaf, principal
Meet Your Principal

Spring Mills Elementary
Randy Muffley, principal
Meet Your Principal

Junior Kindergarten Option

Junior Kindergarten - The Gift of Time

HVS offers a Junior Kindergarten program designed for students who would benefit from a two-year kindergarten experience. 

The Junior Kindergarten curriculum has a more play-based, learn by doing approach. Students will receive art, music and physical education classes.  Learn more about the program here

Frequently Asked Questions


Enrichment Opportunities 

Kindergarten Readiness

Many parents ask what their child needs to know before Kindergarten. It is really a combination of skills, behaviors and attitudes that determine each child's readiness for Kindergarten. The following list includes some of the traits that are important for a successful transition to Kindergarten.

1. Respects people and materials. (Ready to follow rules, attempts to solve simple problems independently, willing to cooperate.)

2. Independently takes care of personal needs. (Dresses self, uses bathroom independently, cleans up after self, uses tissues and asks for help when necessary.)

3. Recognizes own name in print. (Identifies name on mailbox and locker.)

4. Uses scissors, glue, markers, pencils and crayons appropriately. (Holds scissors comfortably, writes name legibly, draws recognizable shapes and figures.)

5. Follows simple directions. (Listens and remembers what he or she is asked to do independently.)

6. Takes turns. (Shares toys and materials, able to wait to share thoughts, or receive individual help or attention.)

7. Respects personal space. (Keeps hands and legs to self when sitting in a group. Understands when and how to appropriately make physical contact with others.)

8. Uses books on a regular basis. (Enjoys stories, listens without being distracted, wants to read or be read to, is familiar with some nursery rhymes, rhyming songs and books.)