Band and instruments

5th Graders who are returning to the building next year, and are interested in band please click HERE and HERE for important information!

Huron Valley Schools Instrumental Music Departments Dear Fifth Grade Parents: 

As a sixth grader, your student will have an opportunity to join BAND and this is a very important decision for both  you and your child. On April 25th in the afternoon, your child will be able to try out instruments to see find the best  fit for them! They will be allowed to try up to three instruments that day. Fittings will take place at Lakewood Elementary and at Johnson elementary between 1:30 and 3:30p.m. on April 25th. If you would like try instruments,  just come to either school, check in at the office and we will allow you to try instruments.  

Mrs. Fitzpatrick (WLMS) will be at Lakewood on April 25th, while Ms. Blanchard (Muir MS) and Mr. Hogaboom  (OVMS) will be at Johnson on April 25th. You can attend either school for fittings, but if you would like to meet  your band director, make sure you go to the correct school that day! 

The most important part of the fitting is finding out which instrument the student is going to be most successful  playing. We look at a variety of things when we fit for an instrument. One thing we check first is the size, shape and  structure of the face and jaw. These are crucial factors in deciding what instrument they will be able to play well.  Also, we will look at how large their hands are, as well as their overall size.  

If your student is considering band, but is not positive about joining, please have them get fit. There is no  commitment to join band if they are fit for instruments. It will be much easier to fit them now than in the fall. If  your child is absent on fitting day, simply e-mail or call and we will schedule a fitting at your respective middle  school. 

Your child may choose from the following instruments: 

Flute Oboe Clarinet Alto Saxophone Trumpet Trombone Baritone  

Percussion (having piano experience is a plus!) 

At the fitting, we will have the student try two or three different instruments. We will have each instrument there for  them to try and we will also use sanitized mouthpieces and reeds during the process. 

If you would like your child to begin private lessons on their instrument, and you already have an instrument, that is  acceptable but not a requirement. It is not necessary to rent or buy an instrument at this time. 

We realize that this could be a large financial and personal commitment so we would like to answer all of your  questions. If you have any questions, please contact me the director below at the school your child will be attending.  

Kristin Blanchard Don Hogaboom Heather Fitzpatrick Muir MS OVMS WLMS 248-684-8060 ext. 6226 248-684-8181 ext. 6320 248-684-2004 

I am really looking forward to meeting your child and talking to them about a band instrument. Thank you, 

HVS Middle School Band Directors