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Huron Valley Schools Fund Development

Huron Valley is comprised of students, parents, alumni, businesses and residents with shared values and a commitment to quality schools. The goal of the Fund Development Committee is to secure and apply enhancements within our schools for the benefit of students and to motivate them to achieve at high levels.

Mission:  Support… Invest… Deliver opportunities for all.

  • It means providing investments so every student has access to high quality extra and co-curricular opportunities.
  • It means enhancing programs that are essential to the educational growth and development of our children as a priority.
  • It means funding co-curricular activities that our school district cannot afford and are in jeopardy of being cut; instead they will be preserved and enhanced.
  • Huron Valley Schools receives the lowest per pupil funding available in the State of Michigan. The district is tied for last in funding among the 28 school districts in Oakland County. Per pupil funding for HVS students is approximately $7,500 while others in the county receive more than $12,000 per pupil.
  • More than 25% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch or are considered economically disadvantaged.
  • Enrollment within the HVS is declining, and the per pupil foundation is the main source of revenue.

Educators today are boldly facing these challenges. Coaches, program directors, teachers and administrators, despite their best efforts, are unable to cover program costs.  Their time, focus and energy is often taken away from doing what they do best...working directly with children.  

  • We believe that quality schools make quality communities.
  • We believe it is important to invest in the future of our children.  
  • We believe that working  together at funding programs benefits all.

Non- funded MHSAA varsity sports such as Lacrosse, Swimming and Bowling, as well as non funded club sports, require 100% supplemental funding.  Co-curricular activities such as DECA, Robotics and other various clubs and activities all require fees and fundraising. Uniforms, equipment, props, costumes, supplies and royalty fees are annual expenses for the arts programs.  Facility upgrades and regular maintenance is critical in order to provide a safe environment for our children in both the arts and athletics. There are many needs and opportunities that require additional funding. We need your help to make a difference!

A Commitment to Excellence (ACE)

The purpose of this advertising program is to create a partnership with businesses and/or alumni who can provide assistance with co-curricular and extracurricular programs.  Huron Valley Schools is determined to offer excellence in educational programs that create healthy, well-rounded students while enhancing and improving education.  Research shows a direct correlation to higher grades and better test scores, greater attendance, improved relationships, reduction in discipline and increased self esteem...ACE will create better citizens!

Bronze Sponsors- $1000.00- ($1750.00 both Milford and Lakeland-$250 discount)

  • 4 x 6 sign displayed year round at indoor and outdoor events
  • 4 admission tickets to all non-tournament athletic contests
  • Commemorative Club Promotional Package
  • 15% discount on Pools and Fitness membership for all employees

Silver Sponsors- $2500- ($4500.00 both Milford and Lakeland-$500 discount)

  • Bronze Sponsors package plus  
  • PA announcements during athletic contests
  • Digital signage at outdoor contests
  • Website advertising on HVS website and promotions on HVS TV
  • Full Family Pools and Fitness membership ($859.00 value)

Gold Sponsors- $5000.00- ($8500.00 both Milford and Lakeland-$1500 discount)

  • Silver Sponsors package plus
  • On Site promotions at HVS events (one per season)
  • Fitness memberships at HV Pools and Fitness for employees
  • 2 Full Family Pools and Fitness memberships (completely transferable)

Emerald Sponsors- $10,000.00 and up (contract negotiations which best meet the needs of the Sponsor and HVS.  All contracts must be approved.)

  • Gold Sponsors package plus
  • Naming Rights (athletic field, stadium, plaza, theatre, etc…)

Many other opportunities exist- Programs (ie. 5th grade camp, Communication camp, etc)

Event Sponsorships...Homecoming, Conferences, Hall of Fame, etc.

There are hundreds of growth opportunities.  There is a cost to providing excellence in these programs- Facilities, Equipment, Transportation, etc.- Together, we can inspire our children to learn.

If you are interested in applying for a Fund Development Grant, please fill out the google form below:

Google FormsFund Development - Grant Application