Parents and Students, 

As we continue to expand our use of technology in the district, our students have access to various district-owned technology resources and may choose to bring their own devices. Access to the Internet anywhere on the WiFi network will enable staff and students to utilize various web-based resources, apps, and wireless resources to enhance student learning and the learning environment. While we are excited about this growth in 21st century learning, we also want to take the time to share with you a couple of reminders found in our BYOD Acceptable Use Agreement.

PDF DocumentBYOD Acceptable Use Agreement
Word DocumentBYOD Acceptable Use Agreement  

Students are required to follow the HVS Technology Acceptable Use Policy, HVS Code of Conduct, and Social Media Policy while they are using their own device or using a district-owned device and connected to the Huron Valley School network.

PDF DocumentHuron Valley Schools Technology Resources Use Policy

Huron Valley Schools Code of ConductExternal Link

Huron Valley Schools Board PoliciesExternal Link

The External LinkMichigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students (MITECS) The Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students (MITECS), released December 2017, replace the 2009 Michigan Educational Technology Standards for Students (METS-S). These updated competencies focus on learning enhanced by technology, rather than on technology tools. The MITECS are aligned to the Top 10 in 10 focus area of Learner-Centered Supports, reflecting a learner-driven approach that empowers students to be active participants in determining their educational pursuits. The preparation of our students to the successful in the 21st Century is the responsibility of all educators. 

Connecting to the network

On your mobile, or other internet enabled device, find the wi-fi settings. Students will have access to the HVS-Guest network for their BYOD devices.

Connection issues

Students who are having trouble accessing the HVS-Guest network or having trouble with their mobile device should consult the user manual that came with their device. The HVS Technology Department cannot allocate resources to support issues with each student that may arise. Some teachers and technology integrators may have time to work with students who are having trouble after they have tried to solve the problem themselves.


It is the responsibility of the student to bring their device to school charged.  It is up to the discretion of the classroom teachers if they allow students to charge their devices in the classroom. Charging stations will not be provided by the school.


There will be no printing available from personal mobile devices.  Students who need to print a document for their class can print from their home directory with the permission of their teacher or media specialist. 

I have my laptop with me in class.  How do I get online?

Most laptops and other personal technology will detect a wireless connection.  Most of the time your technology tool will ask you if you would like to join the network. When prompted, choose the HVS-Guest network from the list.  If you are not prompted, find the settings menu on your device. Choose the HVS-Guest network from the list. 

I brought my tablet to school.  My teacher won’t let me use it.  Can I still use it?

The teacher in each classroom has the final say on procedures in the classroom. If teachers prefer not to have mobile devices out in their classroom students have to follow that rule.  Access is only available at the teachers’ discretion. 

I am having trouble with my mobile device. Is there anyone who can help?

It is not the responsibility of the classroom teacher, technology integrator, or district tech team to help troubleshoot individual devices during the school day.  Spend a few minutes trying to solve the problem yourself, ask a classmate, and check the device’s user manual. 

My laptop was stolen from school.  What can I do?

Bringing technology to school is very useful, however there are some risks involved.  Huron Valley is not responsible for the theft or damage of a student’s device.  In order to prevent the chance that a device might be stolen make sure it is locked up when not in use.  Do not allow other students to use your device without your permission. 

What measures can I take to protect information stored on my device?

Always use the password protected lock screen found on most devices. While not endorsed by Huron Valley Schools, there are apps available that allow the owner to wipe all data in the event the device is stolen. 

Why am I being filtered on my own device?  Shouldn’t I be able to see what I want on my own technology?

Student filtering is a requirement of all schools. The Children’s Internet Protection Act requires all network access to be filtered, regardless of the tool you use to access it while in school.  If you’re using the school’s network your device will be filtered. 

What are the rules for using student owned devices?

Students are not allowed to text or call anyone.  They are not allowed to take video or pictures without the permission of the teachers.  Each teacher will have more specific rules for their own classroom and students are expected to follow those rules. Students are also expected to be respectful and appropriate with their device.

Any general advice you can share with a concerned parent?

A discussion between the parent and the student is recommended.