Dr. Paul Salah: Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year

As the weather begins to change and the trees gain their fall colors, we move into a new season filled with excitement and hope. We begin the year where we left off in June: focused  on providing each child with an exemplary educational experience that is academically, socially and emotionally sound.

As a Triple A school district, Huron Valley Schools takes pride in the emphasis on high quality academic programs delivered by committed teachers and principals. We take pride in providing athletic programs designed to give student-athletes opportunities to compete at the highest levels and in arts programs that allow students to explore, create, perform and compete across the state and country.

Strong schools can thrive only with the support of parents, business owners, community members and senior citizens. We are blessed to have all throughout our five communities. 

As we enter the first few months of the school year, I encourage you to ask questions about the future of our programs and about how the upcoming election will impact our schools.  On November 5, we are asking parents to vote – via absentee ballot or at the polls – on two ballot proposals: a Bond and Building Sinking Site Fund Renewal. If approved, these dollars will be focused on safety and security, enhancing academics, arts and athletics while also tending to the infrastructure updates of the school district.

For more information about how each building within Huron Valley will be impacted please visit our website at www.hvs.org or www.hvs.org/district/2019-bondbssf/.

Over the summer, our team of dedicated professionals worked diligently to hire staff, engage in professional learning, develop curriculum, assessment and instructional tools and envision the future of HVS. We feel excited, optimistic and motivated by what the future holds for students attending our district.

I am proud to serve the 16 schools, five communities, 9,000 students and more than 1,300 staff as Superintendent. I cannot think of another place I would rather spend my professional career.

Please follow @PaulSalah on Twitter if you are interested in and staying current on school district happenings, as well as education policy matters at the state and national levels.