Suggestions for Parents


  • Create a positive attitude about speech by avoiding ridicule and criticism.
  • Looking at each other's eyes while speaking helps communication.
  • Be a patient listener. Allow your child the time he needs to complete the expression of his thoughts.
  • Help your child with articulation by pronouncing words correctly, not as he or she says them.
  • Reading aloud to your child develops vocabulary and listening skills, as well as an interest in books. Having your child retell the story helps develop expressive language skills.
  • Help your child with language development by talking about an activity as you are doing it. Do this during activities such as cooking, shopping, gardening, and etcetera.
  • Help a child who stutters by being patient and not saying the word he is stuck on for him.
  • Encourage your child not to yell or abuse his voice by excessive clearing of the throat or by making noises that strain his vocal cords.