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Suzanne Buss
Mike Hill
Supervisor of Maintenance
Jon Riebe
Director of Capital Improvements, Maintenance & Operations
Brad Roberts
Supervisor of Operations
Lee Vandenbussche
Administrative Assistant

2017 Notification

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that each year, district workers and building occupants receive notification about asbestos activities such as response actions and inspections.  The purpose of this correspondence is to meet those requirements and familiarize you with the asbestos related activities that have been conducted in Huron Valley Schools during the last year.

Management Plans

In 1988, Huron Valley Schools contracted with Asbestos Management Inc., to conduct inspections for asbestos containing material (ACM) within all district owned buildings.  These Management Plans are available for review in the administrative office of each building.  An electronic copy of each building management plan is also located in the Maintenance and Operations office.

Surveillance Activities

The AHERA regulation requires surveillance of the condition of ACM every six months and Reinspections every three years.  The Three-Year Reinspection within each of our buildings was conducted in October of 2016.  The next Reinspection will be conducted in October of 2019. The last periodic surveillance was conducted in April of 2017.  All of these surveillance activities will be included as part of the building’s Management Plans.

Asbestos Abatement

During the past year there were minor abatement at various buildings in the district.  All documentation regarding past and future asbestos abatement projects are available to be viewed electronically, for access please contact the designated person at the Maintenance and Operations Office.  Air tests will be conducted throughout all phases of the future asbestos removal projects at each building.  The air samples will be collected and analyzed in accordance with all regulatory agency requirements.