Welcome to HVS-TV!

We exist through a collaboration between the Western Oakland County Cable Communications Authority (WOCCCA) and Huron Valley Schools. WOCCCA is responsible for the Public Access, Educational and Government Access (PEG) channels in our area. These channels are on Comcast: channels 12, 20 and 22. To subscribe, contact Comcast cable at: 1-877-870-4310 or visit www.comcast.com External Link.

Copies of our programs are just $10 each. Email Laura Colvin in the Communications Department or call 248-684-8281 for more information. You will need to fill out the Order Form to receive a copy of the program.PDF Document

Other Information:

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Behind the Scenes with HVS TV

Production Area:

Lights! Camera! Action! Our Studio Cameras are SONY CA D50, we use SONY DFS 700A for video switching.

Edit Suites:

We have two Apple suites and one PC suite, running AVID Media Composer. Pro Tools is available for audio editing and Adobe Photoshop for images.

Equipment - Cameras:

From the first day to the high-profile broadcasts, we use SONY cameras.

  • The X70 - a good beginner camera.   
  • The EX1 R - a good everyday camera with lots of features and very portable.
  • The 320 - the only choice for pros!

Welcome to the Media Library for Reader's Workshop!

We currently have support for K-5 instruction.

Read Naturally:

Disc Listing

The following links are for videos, by Grade Level (all links go to vimeo.com and open in a new window):

Video DocumentGrade 1 10:14
Video DocumentUpper Elementary  13:19 (see also J. Weiss, below)

The following links are for grade specific videos, by Teacher:

Video DocumentB. Johnson  02:16
Video DocumentL. Gogowski   02:21
Video DocumentL. Rosing   02:10
Video DocumentM. Boetsch   04:09

Grade 1:
Video DocumentK. Feather   03:24
Video DocumentA. Sorvari  03:37
Video DocumentL. Zelinski  03:21

Grade 2:
Video DocumentS. Gerber  04:23
Video DocumentB. Lescoe  03:43

Grade 1&2 Combination:
Video DocumentD. Walker 04:13

Primary Multi-Age:
Video DocumentHuellmantel & Snider 03:19

Grade 3: 
Video DocumentL. Wetterholt  04:42

Grade 5:
Video DocumentA. Nardell  04:52
Video DocumentJ. Stevens  03:54
Video DocumentJ. Weiss 12:25

Dipsey Doodle's Flowerpot Shop:

Video DocumentEpisode 2
Video DocumentEpisode 3
Video DocumentEpisode 4
Video DocumentEpisode 5

Stop Motion Animation