School Board Policies

Below you will find the table of contents for each series.  The full series are listed in order after the table of contents.

PDF Document1000 Table of Contents
PDF Document2000 Table of Contents
PDF Document3000 Table of Contents
PDF Document4000 Table of Contents
PDF Document5000 Table of Contents
PDF Document6000 Table of Contents
PDF Document8000 Table of Contents
PDF Document9000 Table of Contents

1000 Series

This series deals with the schools system's external relations with mass media communications, with PTA's, with citizens committees, with complaints concerning school personnel, with community use of school buildings, with other governmental and private groups concerned with education, and the like.

PDF Document1000 Table of Contents
PDF Document1100 Communication with the Public 
PDF Document1109 Mailing of Notices
PDF Document1110 Public Information
PDF Document1112 Comm. Outside Schools, including Advertising
PDF Document1120 Public Meetings 
PDF Document1311 Complaints Concerning School 
PDF Document1313 Gifts and Donations 
PDF Document1313AP Administrative Procedure 
PDF Document1330 Use of School Properties
PDF Document1330AP Administrative Procedure 

3000 Series

Here you will find policies and regulations for the issues of money: getting it (taxation and bonds), planning for spending (budget), spending (purchasing), and keeping records (accounting). In addition, the non-instructional operations of operation and maintenance, of fixed charges like insurance, of transportation, and of food services appear in the latter part of this index.

PDF Document3000 Table of Contents
PDF Document3110 Budget: Appropriations Act 
PDF Document3110AP Budget: Appropriations Act
PDF Document3150 Fund Balance
PDF Document3241 Disposal of School Property
PDF Document3241AP Disposal of School Property
PDF Document3270 Fund Management
PDF Document3270AP Fund Management
PDF Document3310 Purchasing
PDF Document3310AP Purchasing
PDF Document3326 Reimbursement for School Business
PDF Document3326AP Reimbursement for School Business
PDF Document3440 Financial Reports
PDF Document3440AP Financial Reports
PDF Document3510 Buildings and Grounds
PDF Document3510AP Buildings and Grounds
PDF Document3531 Insurance Coverage
PDF Document3541 Transportation
PDF Document3541AP Transportation
PDF Document3542 Food Service
PDF Document3543 Wellness Policy

8000 Series

The Board of Education utilizes policies to guide its governance of the school district. These will be different from bylaws, which are, in effect, rules. What goes here are statements of Board purpose, and provisions for matters like induction of Board members, inservice development of Board members, code of ethics for the Board as a group and individually, and the Board's attitude toward policy development. The Board's intent makes a great deal of difference in what it ultimately does and how it does it.

PDF Document8000 Table of Contents
PDF Document8105 School Board Authority & Operation  
PDF Document8110 School Board Membership
PDF Document8200 Code of Ethics
PDF Document8232 Employment of School Personnel
PDF Document8310 Policies & Regulations
PDF Document8340 Preparation for Board Meetings
PDF Document8350 Meetings of the Board of Education
PDF Document8370 Official Records  

9000 Series

As you expect, this series includes the familiar arrangements for meeting procedures, duties of officers, quorum, terms of office of members, and the like - often specified in the law. These rules, as was the case of the policies in the 8000 Series, concern only the Board itself as an instrument of democracy.

PDF Document9000 Table of Contents
PDF Document9110 Membership
PDF Document9150 Officers
PDF Document9240 Appointed Officials
PDF Document9260 Operation of the Board as a Whole
PDF Document9391 Handling Complaints
PDF Document9400 District Elections