Notification and Compliance Statements

Below you will find links to various notification and compliance statement information. For questions, call (248) 684-8000.

2018 Notification

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that each year, district workers and building occupants receive notification about asbestos activities such as response actions and inspections.  The purpose of this correspondence is to meet those requirements and familiarize you with the asbestos related activities that have been conducted in Huron Valley Schools during the last year.


In 1988, Huron Valley Schools contracted with Asbestos Management Inc., to conduct inspections for asbestos containing material (ACM) within all district owned buildings.  These Management Plans are available for review in the administrative office of each building.  An electronic copy of each building management plan is also located in the Maintenance and Operations office.


The AHERA regulation requires surveillance of the condition of ACM every six months and Reinspections every three years.  The Three-Year Reinspection within each of our buildings was conducted in October of 2016.  The next Reinspection will be conducted in October of 2019. The last periodic surveillance was conducted in April of 2018.  All of these surveillance activities will be included as part of the building’s Management Plans.

During the past year there were minor abatement at various buildings in the district.  All documentation regarding past and future asbestos abatement projects are available to be viewed electronically, for access please contact the designated person at the Maintenance and Operations Office.  Air tests will be conducted throughout all phases of the future asbestos removal projects at each building.  The air samples will be collected and analyzed in accordance with all regulatory agency requirements.   

Public Act 12 of 2014

On February 25, 2014, the Governor signed legislation that requires by September 15th of each school year, public school districts post on the website, a list of emergency drills for each school in the district.  The legislation also requires that the district update the list within 30 days of completion of each drill.

Below is a schedule of emergency drills for all Huron Valley Schools for the school year. Dates & times in bold indicate a completed drill.

PDF Document2020-21 District Emergency Drill Schedule

If you have any questions about emergency preparedness or procedures, please contact your building administrator.

Rights Under FERPA The federal law known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents* and students who are 18 years of age or older (“eligible students”) certain rights with respect to the student’s education records. These rights are:

1. The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 30 days after the day the School District receives a request for access.

Parents or eligible students who wish to inspect their education records should submit to the school principal a written request that identifies the records they wish to inspect. The principal or designee will make arrangements for access and notify the parent or eligible student of the time and place where the records may be inspected.

2. The right to request the amendment of education records that the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the student’s privacy rights under FERPA.

Parents or eligible students who wish to ask the School District to amend their child’s or their
education record should submit a written request to the school principal, clearly identifying the part of the record they want changed and specifying why they believe it should be changed. If the School District decides not to amend the record as requested, the school will notify the parent or eligible student of the decision and of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment. Additional information regarding hearing procedures will be provided to the parent or eligible student at the time they are notified of the right to a hearing.

3. The right to provide written consent before the School District discloses personally identifiable information (PII) from the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent.

One exception, which permits disclosure without consent, is disclosure to school officials with
legitimate educational interests. A designated school official with a legitimate educational interest includes a person employed by the School District as an administrator, teacher, or other person designated by the Board of Education. A school official also includes a liaison officer who, while not employed by the School District, may be granted access to student educational records (including video footage) at the direction and supervision of a school administrator. A school official also may include a contractor or consultant who, while not employed by the School District, performs an institutional service or function (such as design and maintenance of the School District’s security camera system) for which the school would otherwise use its own employees and who is under the direct control of the School District with respect to the use and maintenance of personally identifiable information from student education records.

4. The right to refuse to allow the disclosure of “directory information.”

“Directory information” regarding a student may be released to any requesting person or party, in addition to the eligible student or his/her parent, without written consent. The Board of Education has defined “directory information” to include a student’s:

  • Name;
  • Address and telephone number;
  • Photograph;
  • Birth date and place of birth;
  • Participation in School District related programs and extracurricular activities;
  • Academic awards and honors;
  • Height and weight, if a member of an athletic team;
  • Honors and awards; and
  • Dates of attendance and date of graduation.

In the event inconsistency exists between the Board of Education policy defining “directory
information” and this annual notification, the policy prevails.

Each year, the Superintendent, or his/her designee, will provide public notice to students and parents of the School District’s intent to make directory information available to students and parents. Common uses for students’ directory information, which include, but are not limited to: school pictures/photos, yearbooks, academic award programs/notices, honor roll, athletic and fine arts program related event material/press releases, etc.

Eligible students and parents may refuse to allow the School District to disclose any or all of such directory information upon written notification to the School District within thirty (30) days after receipt of the School District's public notice. Parents may submit written notification to the building principal of their child’s school at time of enrollment and/or through the annual back to school online registration process.

5. The right to file a complaint with the United States Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the School District to comply with the requirements of FERPA. The name and address of the Office that administers FERPA is:

Family Policy Compliance Office
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue SW
Washington DC 20202-5280

United States Armed Forces The School District is required to provide United States Armed Forces recruiters with at least the same access to student directory information as is provided to other entities offering educational or employment opportunities to those students as is permitted and/or required by law. "Armed forces of the United States" means the armed forces of the United States and their reserve components and the United States Coast Guard. An eligible student or the parent may submit a signed, written direction to the School District that the student’s directory information not be accessible to United States Armed Forces recruiters. In such case, the information will not be disclosed.

Other Agencies or Institutions As permitted by FERPA, the School District may forward education records, including disciplinary records, without student or parental consent, to other agencies or institutions in which the student seeks or intends to enroll or is already enrolled so long as the disclosure is for purposes related to the student's enrollment or transfer and upon receipt of a request for a student’s school or education records..

Compliance The School District will comply with a legitimate request for access to education records within a reasonable period of time, but not more than thirty (30) days after receiving the request or within a shorter period as may be applicable by law to students with disabilities. The requesting party may be charged a processing fee for the information.


*The word “parents,” when used in these Annual Notifications includes legal guardians and, where required by law, those acting in the place of parents.


Free & Reduced Lunch Application

Your child may be eligible for the District’s Free and Reduced Lunch Program based on your family’s income. Applications can be found under District - Food Service Department's webpage. For questions, call the Food Services Office at (248) 684-8054. Information provided on the form remains confidential. Completed forms can be returned to your child’s school or to the Food Services Office, 2360 S. Milford Rd, Highland, MI 48357.

Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Information

As a public body under the Freedom of Information Act, the District has developed the following procedures and guidelines to implement and assure compliance with FOIA. The District has also created a written public summary of the specific procedures and guidelines explaining how to submit written requests to the District and how to understand the District’s written responses, deposit requirements, fee calculations, and avenues for challenge and appeal. The procedures, guidelines and written public summary can be found at the bottom of this page.

The District shall ensure that free copies of the procedures and guidelines and public summary are readily available for public dissemination upon request at the District’s central office. Both documents shall also be included with every written response to a public record request. However, this requirement may be satisfied by providing the requestor with the website link below to the documents in lieu of providing paper copies in the response.

Pursuant to the procedures and guidelines, the District’s nonexempt public records, as defined under FOIA, are available for public inspection and/or copying. The rights and obligations of the District and requestors under FOIA are subject to MCL 15.231, et seq.
Inspection of records by the general public shall be limited to the regular office hours of the building or office that houses the records. Copies of records that are not exempt from disclosure will be available on request.

The District receives numerous requests or inquiries that are not public record requests under FOIA. This includes information readily available on the District’s website, pamphlets, loose-leaf publications and other printed materials produced for public information and disclosure, such as the District’s FOIA Procedures and Guidelines. These day-to-day inquiries to the District for information shall be handled appropriately by District staff under rules established by the District or building administration.

PDF DocumentHVS FOIA Procedures and Guidelines Manual

Huron Valley Schools Notice Civil Rights

PDF Document Office of Civil Rights - Findings Summary


Integrated Pest Management Procedure for Huron Valley Schools

Scope and Application

This integrated pest management (IPM) policy applies to all pest control activities and pesticide use in the school building and related facilities including grounds. Recipients of this policy include faculty, other staff, or any employees monitoring or treating pest problems including any contractors who monitor and/or treat pest problems. Each recipient is required to follow this policy.


The goal of this integrated pest management policy is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment that is relatively pest-free with the least possible use of pesticides. To achieve this goal, it is the policy of Huron Valley Schools to develop, implement and maintain an integrated pest management program for the control of pests and minimize pesticide exposure to children, faculty, and staff. This policy is consistent with the State of Michigan's Act 451, Part 83 that encourages schools to adopt an IPM strategy. Sanitizers, germicides, disinfectants, or antimicrobials are exempt from the IPM /notification requirements. This policy adheres to the principles of IPM and is conducted in accordance with all federal and state laws and regulations and local ordinances. The underlying principles of this plan are to use the least toxic alternative first and that pesticides should be used as a last resort.

Pests are controlled to protect the health and safety of students and staff, maintain a productive learning environment and maintain the integrity of school building and grounds. IPM is a pest management system that uses all suitable techniques in a total management system to prevent pests from reaching unacceptable levels or to reduce existing pest populations to acceptable levels while balancing the risk of the pest with the potential risk of the management technique.

Development of IPM program

The IPM program written under this policy will state Huron Valley School's goals regarding the management of pests and the use of pesticides. It will reflect the school's site-specific needs and includes the following elements as required by law:

a. Site evaluation, including site description, inspection, and monitoring and the concept of threshold levels.
b. Consideration of the relationship between pest biology and pest management methods
c. Consideration of all available pest management methods, including population. Reduction techniques, such as mechanical, biological, and chemical techniques and pest prevention techniques, such as habitat modification.
d. Pest controls methods selection, including consideration of the impact on human health, especially for children, and the environment.
e. Continue evaluation of the integrated pest management program.

The Supervisor of Operations or designee for Huron Valley Schools shall be the IPM Coordinator and is responsible for ensuring that an IPM program is developed and is in compliance with Act 451, part 83.

IPM Coordinator

The IPM Coordinator is responsible for the implementation of Huron Valley School's integrated pest management policy. The IPM Coordinator, in accordance with Act 451, Part 83, will be the schools' contact person responsible for maintaining records with the specific information on pest infestation and actual pesticide application, and a copy of the school's IPM program.

Education /Training

The school community will be educated about potential pest problems and IPM methods used to achieve the pest management objectives.

The IPM Coordinator, other school staff and pesticide applicators involved with implementation of the school IPM policy will be trained in appropriate components of IPM as it pertains to the school environment.

Students, parents/guardians will be provided with information on this policy and instructed on how they can contribute to the success of the IPM program.

Record keeping

Records of pesticide use shall be maintained on site to meet the requirements of the Michigan Dept. of Agriculture and the school board. Records shall also include, but are not limited to, pest surveillance data sheets and other non-pesticide pest management methods and practices utilized.


The IPM Coordinator of Huron Valley Schools is responsible for timely pre-notification to students' parents or guardians and the school staff of pesticide treatments pursuant to the requirements under the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 451, Part 83.


In accordance with the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act 451, Part 83, reentry to an area treated with a aerosol or liquid pesticide may not occur less than 4 hours after application unless product label requires a longer reentry period. "Outdoor ornamental and turf applications of liquid spray pesticides shall not be made on school grounds within 100 feet of an occupied classroom during normal school hours or when persons are using the treatment area".

Pesticide applicators

The IPM coordinator shall ensure that pesticide applicators, all district staff, boosters and volunteers follow state regulations, including licensing requirements, applicator certification or registration, and IPM training, label precautions, and must comply with all components of the Huron Valley School's IPM Policy.

Pesticide applications

The decision to apply a pesticide shall be made by the Maintenance and Operations Department in consultation with the IPM coordinator. All general use and ready to use pesticide applications shall be performed only by contracted personnel and/or district staff with a minimum license of certified applicator in the appropriate category. No restricted use pesticides may be used at any time. All applications must comply with the standards and procedures outlined in the EnviroSafe Integrated Pest Management Plan. This plan is on file at the Maintenance and Operations Office and at each building.


Huron Valley Schools, IPM Coordinator will make recommendations for improvement as needed. The IPM Coordinator is responsible to develop guidelines/procedures for the implementation of this policy.

Annual Parent Notification

Public Act 24 requires the school district notify parents annually of their right to receive advance notice of a pesticide application. This notice shall be in the form shown below:

PDF DocumentAdvisory to All Parents 2018-19

Sue Gilson, Supervisor of Operations 

Protecting our environment is everyone's responsibility.  Find helpful links and information about what you can do to protect our environment below.  The information in this section is posted as required by the District's Phase II Storm Water General Permit (MIG610000).

Helpful Links

External LinkSEMCOG 'Ours to Protect'
External LinkHuron River Watershed Council
External LinkHRWC - Tips for Smart Water Use
External LinkMDEQ Pollution Prevention Program
External LinkOakland County Water Resources Commissioner
External LinkMichigan Department of Environmental Quality, Water Resources Division
External LinkMichigan Department of Environmental Quality, Storm Water Program 
External LinkMichigan State University Extension
External LinkAuburn Hills Water Resources Public Survey
External LinkOakland County Water Resources Commissioner (OCWRC)
External LinkClinton River Watershed Council (CRWC)
External LinkSoutheast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG)
External LinkEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) Water Science
External LinkNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
External LinkMichigan State University Extension for Oakland County

Helpful Documents

PDF DocumentOCWRCE Environmental Hotline Information
PDF DocumentCar Care
PDF DocumentPet Care
PDF DocumentLawn Care
PDF DocumentFertilizer
PDF DocumentNative Vegetation
PDF DocumentRiparian Management
PDF DocumentWinter Tree Protection
PDF DocumentPreventing Sewer Backups (FOG)
PDF DocumentHelp Keep Our Rivers, Lakes, and Streams Clean
PDF DocumentManaging Nonpoint Source Pollution from Households
PDF DocumentOutdoor Water Conservation
PDF DocumentPlant a Tree Today for a Healthy Tomorrow​
PDF DocumentRain Barrels for Water Quality
PDF DocumentBenefits of Rain Gardens​
PDF DocumentStorm Drains Aren’t Garbage Cans: It ALL Drains to the River​
PDF DocumentWinter Energy and Money Saving Tips​
PDF DocumentWinter Salt Practices for Water Quality Improvement​

In compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disability Act of 1990, and the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act of 1977, it is the policy of the Huron Valley Schools that no person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination during any program, activity, service or in employment, for any reason prohibited by law. For information contact the Interim Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services and Human Resources, 2390 S. Milford Road, Highland, Michigan 48357.

Huron Valley Schools is in full compliance with state and federal guidelines for water quality testing. We recognize that Flint’s water crisis has shined a spotlight on the need for safe drinking water for every citizen and we want to be proactive with our communities. Therefore, we believe it is appropriate to highlight the protocols that are followed and draw attention to the testing results in each of our schools and support buildings. Below, you will find documents that provide an overview of what we are testing for in our drinking water, how often we are testing and the result. We hope you find this information helpful.

Water Testing Compliance Record

PDF DocumentHuron Valley Schools Water Testing Compliance Record

Water Quality Reports

PDF DocumentAdministration Building
PDF DocumentApollo Center
PDF DocumentBrooks Center
PDF DocumentCountry Oaks Elementary
PDF DocumentDuck Lake Center
PDF DocumentHeritage Elementary
PDF DocumentHighland Elementary
PDF DocumentLakeland High School
PDF DocumentLakewood Elementary
PDF DocumentMilford High School
PDF DocumentOak Valley Middle School
PDF DocumentOxbow Elementary
PDF DocumentSpring Mills Elementary
PDF DocumentTransportation
PDF DocumentWhite Lake Middle School

Annual Water Lead Sampling Notification

PDF DocumentApollo Center
PDF DocumentBrooks Elementary
PDF DocumentCountry Oaks Elementary
PDF DocumentDuck Lake Center
PDF DocumentHeritage Elementary
PDF DocumentHighland Elementary
PDF DocumentLakeland High School
PDF DocumentLakewood Elementary
PDF DocumentMilford High School
PDF DocumentOak Valley Middle School
PDF DocumentOxbow Elementary
PDF DocumentSpring Mills Elementary
PDF DocumentWhite Lake Middle School

Bogie Lake Wastewater Treatment Plant Report

PDF DocumentDEQ Letter Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Analysis Report
PDF DocumentOngoing Water Sampling Project Presentation January 28, 2015
PDF DocumentLong Term DEQ Interim Response Plan Report

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