Who Are We 

HOT Logo - Black 

The  Heroes of Tomorrow , Huron Valley's HOT Robotics Team, is a member of the International FIRST  organization. The mission of FIRST is to inspire young people to pursue careers in science and technology by providing them creative engineering and technological challenges. The HOT team competes in FRC (the FIRST Robotics Competition). The HOT team includes students from Milford, IA West, and Lakeland High Schools. These students are mentored by professionals from the General Motors Proving Ground and Huron Valley Schools. During a six week build period in January and February, the HOT team...


What we Do

During the six week build season students.... 

*Use CAD to design their robot
*Use industrial machinery to manufacture parts for the robot
*Assemble the manufactured and kit parts according to the design
*Wire the motors and sensors into the robot controller
*Design a control program in either LabView, C or Java
*Create an animation
*Plan a scouting strategy
*Create a team marketing plan
*Update the team website
*Submit essays for FIRST awards
*Create a Web Page for the FIRST Hall of Fame


Local FIRST robotics competitions are held on Fridays and Saturdays during March and early April.