Welcome to the Huron Valley Virtual Academy

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, Huron Valley Schools will offer the Huron Valley Virtual Academy (HVVA), a 100 percent online educational program. Students in junior kindergarten through grade 12 will have the opportunity to participate. 

To begin the registration process, please fill out the HVVA commitment form

Students will be taught by certified and highly qualified HVS teachers. Students will engage on a daily basis with teachers in both live and recorded formats. A high priority will be placed on developing strong student and teacher relationships to increase engagement, well-being and academic growth. Teachers will focus on rigor, relevance and high expectations for every student and their individual learning needs.

The HVVA program may be accessed from the safety of a students’ home or anywhere there is an internet connection.

Need more information? See the Virtual Academy Frequently Asked Questions


Huron Valley Virtual Academy Summer Term/Summer School

Current 7th through 12th graders can take classes during the summer through the flexibility of the online Huron Valley Virtual Academy.  For the summer term, students will be accessing online content from Edgenuity.  

To learn more about the virtual academy's summer term, please read this information sheet.

Once you have read the information sheet and have decided to register, please fill out this Online Virtual Academy Summer Term Registration form, read and complete it in order to register.


Email summer.school@hvs.org

Summer Term Courses Offered

Huron Valley students are required to meet with their counselor prior to registering and filling out this form. The course selected below will be cross-referenced with counselor recommendations. It is highly recommended non-HVS students discuss the course selection with their counselors.

All courses are for credit/no credit only. Each course is .5 credit. Select 1 course only.

First Attempt or Credit Recovery Courses:

  • Health*    
  • Math Models - Semester 1
  • Math Models - Semester 2
  • Sociology*
  • Psychology*

*Only these 3 courses can be taken as a first attempt. 

Credit Recovery Only Courses:‚Äč

  • Algebra 1 Semester 1
  • Algebra 1 Semester 2
  • Geometry Semester 1
  • Geometry Semester 2
  • Algebra 2 Semester 1
  • Algebra 2 Semester 2
  • Math 8 Semester 2
  • ELA 8 Semester 2
  • ELA 9 Semester 1
  • ELA 9 Semester 2
  • ELA 10 Semester 1
  • ELA 10 Semester 2
  • ELA 11 Semester 1
  • ELA 11 Semester 2
  • World History Semester 1
  • World History Semester 2
  • US History Semester 1
  • US History Semester 2
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Biology Semester 1
  • Biology Semester 2
  • Chemistry Semester 1
  • Chemistry Semester 2
  • Physics Semester 1
  • Physics Semester 2
  • Spanish 1 Semester 1
  • Spanish 1 Semester 2
  • Spanish 2 Semester 1
  • Spanish 2 Semester 2

The above courses, including first attempt, are for credit/no-credit only. 

Middle School Supplemental Courses

  • ELA 7 Semester 1
  • ELA 7 Semester 2
  • ELA 8 Semester 1
  • ELA 8 Semester 2
  • Math 7 Semester 1
  • Math 7 Semester 2
  • Math 8 Semester 1
  • Math 8 Semester 2

These courses are for supplemental purposes only, and do not count for any form of high school credit.

Section 21(f)

Seat Time Waiver Program

The State of Michigan has launched the choice for parents, under Section 21f of the State School Aid Act, to request that their student(s), in grades 5-12, be enrolled in no more than two (2) online courses in place of a currently scheduled course. Huron Valley will provide students opportunities to participate in Michigan Virtual University online courses through the 21f guidelines.

The Section 21f option will be available starting second semester of the current 2013-14 school year. Parents should carefully consider the unique qualities of their child when investigating if an online class is right for them. These factors include:

Can your student create and maintain a study schedule without face-to-face interaction of a teacher?

Can your student self-advocate seeking help within a virtual setting?

Does your student possess the independent study habits needed to complete an entire course online without direct supervision?

Does your student have the reading, writing, math, and computer literacy skills to succeed in a class that is completely online?

Additional information is contained with the Parent Guide to Online Learning

It is important to note that this option is limited to choices available from the online classes that are listed within the state online course catalog (https://micourses.org ). While all of these classes have been reviewed from each sponsoring local district, these courses may not necessarily meet the rigor of courses for Huron Valley Schools from a credit or graduation requirement perspective and are, therefore, subject to administrative approval. Additionally, availability of courses is not guaranteed. Courses may have a class size limit, and should that limit be exceeded, students will be placed into the course on a lottery basis.

Should you request that your child participate in the online class experience please note the following:

The highly qualified teacher providing content for the course will only be available remotely via email or possibly phone and will not be a Huron Valley Schools employee.

Students will work independently outside of the traditional classroom setting and will not be present with their current teacher or classmates during that subject.

Changes to the existing students schedule could be made.

Should you have any additional questions about online learning opportunities or would like to further discuss the online option, please contact your child's counselor.