GRAD 100 Reaches Every Student to Generate Success

GRAD 100 is our Districtwide initiative to graduate 100% of our students with the skills necessary to succeed in the global workplace. This program touches every grade level and involves every staff person in order to meet the needs of every student. Our goal is for each of our students to have the necessary academic skills and be lifelong learners who are inspired to achieve their personal best.

One of the focal points of the GRAD 100 program is making sure each student meets grade level standards and if he/she is not, providing the appropriate interventions for success. These interventions encompass academic, behavioral and attitudinal support systems. Within these support systems, we have students that are "on track" for meeting or exceeding grade level standards. Academically, this includes the use of common assessments and consistent delivery of the curriculum at all levels and additional support systems geared toward the grade level. Behaviorally, this includes the Code of Conduct for all students and programs like the Bucket Fillers for elementary students.

Some students need additional but moderate support to "reconnect" and get back on track, while other students need a complete reversal or "180" approach using intense additional interventions and remediation to get back on track. Those students needing to "reconnect" will receive academic supports such as the Response to Intervention program and the BEST process. Behaviorally these students will receive additional counselor or social worker support or programs such as student behavior contracts.

Finally, students needing to completely turn things around (Team 180) will use strategies such as Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) or credit recovery programs. To address behavioral issues, these students will receive more intense interventions.

Regardless of where the student is, our goal is to identify the needs of each student and provide the academic and behavioral support necessary to ensure their success.

Another important component of the GRAD 100 program is the use of technology to foster student achievement.  Online learning provides expanded programming for students.  Technologies are now available that will allow students opportunities for remediation, credit recover, enhancements and enrichment.  Huron Valley Schools is embarking on a formal initiative called e100, that extends the use of electronic resources in eight major areas.

  1. Integrating Technology
    Tier One instructional strategies emphasizing the Strategic Plan recommendations.
  2. Web Enhanced Instruction
    Courses that involve direct instruction on a Huron Valley campus supplemented by online coursework.
  3. Distance Learning
    Using current technology to allow students real-time remote access to traditional classroom instruction.
  4. Remediation
    Supplemental online experiences for students who are struggling in specific benchmarks within a course content area.
  5. Credit Recovery
    School day, after-school and summer school opportunities for students lacking specific graduation credits.
  6. e-Campus
    Two or less courses taken through an online experience to either fulfill a requirement, i.e., financial literacy, accelerate coursework, i.e., accommodate additional electives, or pursue specialty studies, i.e., marine biology.
  7. e-Campus Complete
    Programming for suspended or expelled students as well as out-reach programs for students who have dropped out of school.
  8. Home School Outreach
    Online programming made available for community members who prefer the home-school environment.

The GRAD 100 program is the initiative to attain our greater goal of preparing students for life after graduation.  The success of our students today is our hope for continued success tomorrow.