Homeless Services

Homeless Services

It is the mission of Huron Valley Schools to provide a quality seamless educational experience for all students without regard to physical, social or bureaucratic obstacles posed by homelessness.

Help is available when any of these conditions apply...

  • Student or family is being evicted or forced to relocate.
  • Student or family living in a shelter, motel, or other temporary housing.
  • Student or family is forced to live with friends or relatives or doubled up.
  • Student or family is living on the streets, hotel, campground or car.
  • Student or family are displaced, vagrant, or may have no where to go. 
  • Student is separated from family and is an unaccompanied youth.
  • Student or family has been a victim of a natural disaster or fire.
  • Student or family is in need of HUD, Section 8, Public Housing, or Low Income Housing.
  • Student or family has suffered from divorce, loss of job or other economic hardship.

For those who qualify for services....

  • Students would qualify for free meals at school.
  • Students would qualify for transportation assistance to stay in school.
  • Students would qualify for school supplies.
  • Students would qualify for backpacks.
  • Students would qualify for cap and gown so they can participate in commencements.
  • Students would qualify for enrollment assistance.
  • Students would qualify for clothing assistance or refer.
  • Students would qualify for assistance in applying for college financial aid FAFSA.

If you need more information or feel you might be eligible for Services, please give us a call or send a message today.