Ancient Cultures
Choose the ancient or classical culture you are exploring and then link to valuable sites that should be helpful.

Ancient Egypt Webquest
Daily life, mummies, archeology, and games.

Ancient History Links
This ancient world site focuses on Mesopotamia, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian history.

Ancient History Sourcebook
Read about the history of Egypt, Persia, Israel, Rome, Mesopotamia, and more.

Ancient Times
Use this site to embark on your search for ancient world materials.

Eyewitness: Ancient World
Highlights of this site are features on Alexander, Caesar and Nero and information on Pompeii, everyday life in Ancient Greece, and the burning of Rome.

Female Heroes and Rulers
Learn more about these women who have shaped history.

National Women's History Project
Read about these famous American women!

Pompeii: Stories from an Eruption
Images of selected artifacts, casts and frescoes are included in this companion site to an exhibit at the Chicago Field Museum.


Ancient Egypt
This British Museum feature includes data on Egyptian life, geography, gods and goddesses, the pharaohs, pyramids, writing, and more.

Cyber Mummy
Unlock the mysteries of this mummy, which is stored at the University of Illinois.

Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
Daily life, mummies, archeology, and games.

Egypt Antiquities Information
Check out the Egyptian tall tales, trivia, and original stories included here.

Egyptian Art and Archaeology
Check out the color tour of Egypt and the exhibit of Egyptian artifacts.

Egyptian Kings
Kings, governors, and other rulers grouped by dynasty.

Explore Ancient Egypt
Resource for information on archeology, daily life, mummies, and hieroglyphs. 

Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt
Pyramids, mummies, hieroglyphs, and more are discussed here.

Mummies of Ancient Egypt
Discusses how mummies were made, who the mummies were, the afterlife, hieroglyphs, and includes a timeline.

National Geographic's exploration of the pyramids.

Pyramids: The Inside Story
Learn all about pyramids and their excavation.

Treasures of Tutankhamen
Vast site with findings from the discovery of the tomb and its contents. Includes learning games and teacher resources.


Ancient City of Athens
Photographs of archaeological explorations of Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece
Covered here are Greek language, alphabet, structures, sports, myths, wars and cities.

Ancient Greece
Site includes information on philosophy, drama, the arts and athletics.

Ancient Greece by History Link
Biographies, features on art and daily life, as well as maps and historical items are here.

Ancient Greece for Kids
The science, food, language and clothing of the Greeks are discussed, with a timeline included.

Ancient Greek Theater
Learn about Greek theater — tragedy, comedy, satyr plays, and the actors and actresses.

Ancient History Sourcebook Greece
Religion, philosophy, art, literature, slavery and education are some of the topics on this site.

Didaskalia Ancient Theater
Ancient theater and its influence on the stage today.

Greeks Crucible of Civilization
Key events in Greek civilization are included on a timeline along with other information on the Acropolis.

Key Terms of Greek Tragedy
Definitions of terms used in Greek theater.

Life in Ancient Greece
Included here are the categories of family, clothing, school, toys, houses and food.

Perseus Project
Includes an exhaustive list of text and images to further your study of Ancient Greece.

Skenotheke: Images of the Ancient Stage
Information on the theaters of ancient times, as well as links to other Web resources on plays of the time.

Theater and Drama in Ancient Greece
Explains theater in Ancient Greece and includes valuable links to other sites.

World Civilizations: Ancient Greece
Browse for Ancient Greek resources.


Ancient Rome
Highlights of many facets of Roman life.

Roman Empire
Vast information on Rome including its founding, kings, early emperors, and final decline and collapse.

Timeline: Ancient Rome
Chronology of the history of Ancient Rome with links to other Internet sites.
4,000 Years of Women in Science
Over 100 inventors, scholars, writers, mathematicians, and astronomers are covered here.

A&E’s Biography
You can search through the Biography Channel’s database of over 25,000 people.

Academy of Achievement
Achievers are listed by category: arts, business, public service, science, sports, etc.

American Presidency
History of presidents, the presidency, politics, and more.

American Presidency: A Glorious Burden
Biographical information about each president, with links to data on the time period they served.

American President
Information on the presidents includes a biography, listing of advisors and cabinet members, and a timeline of pertinent events in their administrations.

Baby Namer
6500 names and their meanings are included in this database.

Behind the Name
Learn about the etymology and history of first names.

Links to vast amounts of biographical data can be found here.

Biography Center
Over 20,000 biographies are included here.

Biography Dictionary
Detailed biographies are included in this collection.

Celeb Site
See if you can find links to your favorite celebrity on this ABC News site.

Distinguished Women
Search by name or subject to learn about these women who have shaped our culture.

Female Heroes and Rulers
Learn more about these women who have shaped history.

First Ladies
The First Ladies are arranged in order by date. Read about them and also receive links to other pertinent sites.

First Names and What They Mean
There are about 6,000 names in this database. See what you discover.

From Revolution to Reconstruction
American History from colonial to modern times!

Great Economists
Ten important economists are profiled here.

History Central Biographies
These history makers include generals, presidents, first ladies and important people of the 20th century.

International Museum of Women
This site is maintained by the San Francisco museum dedicated to women.

Island of Freedom
Profiled here are philosophers, poets, artists, composers and more.

Martin Luther King Biography
Information on the great Civil Rights leader.

MLK - Biographical Sketch
Important dates in the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

National Women’s Hall of Fame
Learn about the great women that have been inducted.

National Women’s History Project
Read about these famous American women!

Nobel Prize Internet Archive
Information on all prize winners is included. Prizes are awarded in literature, physics, chemistry, peace, economics and physiology/medicine.

People Spot
A collection of unusual biographies is included, as is a reverse directory and e-mail finder.

Presidential Debates
Pages here summarize major historical political debates.

Presidential Libraries
In addition to virtual tours of the Presidential libraries, there are links to websites on the presidents and First Ladies.

Presidents Index
Biographical data is included, as well as documents, writings or speeches relating to them.

Presidents of the United States
Resources are included that allow you to search for Presidential information by biography, birth or death date, books, campaigns, Cabinet, genealogy and many more.

Former President Reagan’s life is profiled in this companion to a PBS documentary.

Smithsonian Biographies
Learn all about many famous people here.

Think! Baby Names
Find information on the origin, meaning and history of first names.

Time 100
See if you agree with Time magazine’s most important people list.

Tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr.
Learn about Dr. King here.

Vice Presidents of the United States
Biographies of all vice presidents are included.

Wilson Bentley
Scientist first credited with studying and photographing snow crystals.

Women Adventurers
Celebrate Women’s History Month by checking out the information on these ladies.
Black History
African American Odyssey
Read about the key events that brought attention to the plight of African Americans in our country.

Dr. King Historic Site
From the National Park Service, Dr. King's Historic Site.

Gateway to African American History
Link to many sites about the African-American experience.

Historic Places of Civil Rights Movement
Guide to historic sites of the Civil Rights Movement for travel planning.

King Center
More information on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King Memorial
National Memorial in Washington, D.C. is discussed.

Martin Luther King Biography
Information on the Civil Rights leader.

MLK Biographical Sketch
Learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. here.

Photo Essay of MLK
Online photos are available here.

Rosa Parks
Arranged alphabetically, you may read a short sketch about these famous people, including Parks.

Tribute to Dr. King
The Civil Rights leader is profiled here.
Alexander the Great
Exhaustive biographical data about Alexander and his life.

Amelia Earhart
Extensive biographical information on this daring aviatrix.

Charles Lindbergh
Lindbergh's life and career are thoroughly detailed here.

Dr. Johan Reinhard's Journeys
This distinguished scientist does research in the area of anthropology, primarily in South America.

Explorers and Their Early Travels
Search for your favorite explorer on the History Net.

Information, Please
You can search from 30,000 biographies here.

Stacy Allison
Read about this female mountain climber.

Women Adventurers
Look for the name of your favorite woman adventurer!
Archives of History and Historical Resources
Vast array of historical links. The links are arranged chronologically.

Atlas Maps
Provides a maplike view of data collected by the federal government.

Best History Sites
Check out this special search engine for history links.

Costume History
Clothing history arranged chronologically, from ancient times until the present.

Historical Maps Web Sites
This site is a collection of links to maps of places from an earlier time.

History Central
Historical information may be chosen by time period, war, nation, etc. Many links to biographical data on historical figures are included.

History Channel
Not just a television site, this also has valuable classroom activities, a history quiz, and the popular "This Day in History" feature.

History Detectives
This is the site that corresponds to the 10-part television series devoted to solving historical mysteries.

History of Costume
Graphics that depict various costumes are arranged by time period from ancient years forward.

History of Fashion, Food, Sports
This site has a multitude of links to fashion history information.

Indo Com: How Far Is It?
If you put in two place names, you can calculate the distance between them here.

National Park Service
Variety of resources about our great national parks.

On This Day
Find out what happened on this day in history.

Today in History
Another site that allows you to find out historical events for a certain date.

World Flag Database
There is much information here beyond just maps. Data on countries includes area, population, currency, languages, etc.

World Gazetteer
Current population figures for locations worldwide.
All the World's Maps
You have access to maps for every country here.

Physical and political maps, as well as facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Background Notes
State Department's compiled information about countries.

CIA World Factbook
Comprehensive data on many aspects of each world country.

Countries and Regions
World Bank Group activities about various countries and world regions.

Country Reports
Profile, history, map, flag, etc. of featured countries.

Country Studies
Very brief country profiles from the Library of Congress Country Studies.

Economist Country Briefings
Country profiles and recent news for a given country.

Eyewitness: History Through the Eyes of Those Who
History studied through a series of important events of the time period.

Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping
Handy maps are here but there are other mapping resources available, too.

Flags of All Countries
This is not a flags-only site. You will find additional country information as well.

Flags of the World
In addition to the official country flag, there are links included to specialized flags in use in the country.

Fodor's Travel Guides
Information about selected travel destinations.

Free Travel Guides
Arranged by area, you may choose to have brochures sent to you about your selected travel spot.

Information is geared to what the traveler is looking for in a vacation destination.

Geographia Homepage
Find out about Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe or Latin America here.

Geography IQ
Concise information on the world's countries.

Geography Olympics
Try your luck at these interactive quizzes!

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Type in your geographic word and the thesaurus will help you with locating and deciphering it.

Governments on the Web
Links to governmental entities throughout the globe: courts, parliaments, governing bodies.

History Central Nation by Nation
You may choose to learn basic information about a country, or to explore it in depth at this location.

Latitude and Longitude Lists
Locate specific latitude and longitude readings for locations around the globe.

Map Collection
You may select maps of cities, the environment, exploration or military battles dating from 1500 to the present.

Map Guide
Index to maps found on the Web.

Map Machine
Use National Geographic's Map Machine to find your map!

Mapping and Cartographic Resources
Maps from the U.S. Census Bureau.

As well as general maps, this site includes maps for travel or maps of specific driving directions.

Nation Master
Material from many sources is compiled so that countries may be compared based on different statistics.

National Geologic Map Database
Map collection of the U. S. Geological Survey.

Outline Maps
Very basic political maps are available on this site.

Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
Extensive map collection.

Portals to the World
This Library of Congress site has vast information about the world's countries.

State Department
News of interest around the globe.

U.S. Geographic Name Server
You can locate any feature in the United States here.

World Atlas
Diverse types of information on world sites.

World Factbook Reference Maps
Maps from the CIA's World Fact Book site.

Xpeditions Atlas
Maps included are for general regions.


Africa Culture Quest
Holidays, games, recipes and parks of featured countries.

Africa Online
Resources for Africa that include links to news, business and education.

Africa South of the Sahara
Great directory for African information.

African Country Maps and Facts
General country data for African countries.

African Information Center
Basic information about the countries of Africa.

Egypt Search
Search engine and directory for Egypt.

Directory for Kenyan resources.

Links to Morocco and Mauritania.

Links to Somalian sites.


1000 Years of Chinese Footbinding
Find out about this ancient Chinese practice.

Asia Culture Quest
Holidays, games, folklore, crafts and recipes from selected Asian sites.

Asian Studies
Select the country you are interested in. This site will then direct you to various Web resources.

Ask Asia
The Asia Society provides links for teachers and students to promote the study of Asia.

China the Beautiful
Learn about China through the study of its art, poetry, history, literature, or philosophy.

Chinese Girl with Bound Feet
Description of ancient Chinese custom of foot binding.

Edo, Japan A Virtual Tour
Cultural tour of Tokyo.

Encyclopedia of the Orient
Great site to learn about this area of the world.

Middle East Culture Quest
Game, crafts, folklore, museums or holidays of selected Asian countries.

Southeast Asia
Find the data you need about South East Asian countries here.


About New Zealand
Learn about New Zealand through the study of its culture, climate or more.

Fabulous Facts about Australia
Focuses on Australia.

Guide to Australia
Travel, tourism, trade, culture, geography of Australia.

NZ History
Learn about New Zealand here.

Zoom School Australia
Explore the animals, music, art, explorers, etc., of Australia.


Basic Phrases for European Countries
Learn how to say simple phrases in various European languages.

British History
Study Britain through these biographies, through listings for church history, monarchs, through maps and documents.

Central Europe Review
Learn about culture and diversity in the post-Communist world.

Europe Culture Quest Review
Folktales, games, recipes, holidays, museums from selected European countries.

Radio Free Europe
News from throughout Europe.

Stonehenge Tunnel Debate
Learn about the project that would change the face of one of England’s major attractions.

Visit Europe
This site is geared to learning about travel opportunities in various spots.

North America

50 States and Capitals
Short sketches about each of our states.

American States
Links to the official Web sites of the states.

Blank State Outline Maps
Outline maps for the state of your choice.

National and local information by province or city.

Mexico On Line
General information about Mexico.

Stately Knowledge
Basic state facts for each of the states, as well as Washington, D.C.

U.S. Gazeteer
Get your simple maps here.

U.S. History
Focus is on early American history, as this site is produced by the Independence Hall Association.

South America

Latin America Culture Quest
Games, museums and recipes from Brazil.
About the Holocaust
Learn about the Nazi treatment of the Jewish people during World War II here. Also read about Anne Frank, anti-Semitism, Nuremberg trials, and more in the additional links provided.

America and the Holocaust
Companion to the PBS program.

Anne Frank Resources
Suggested links for the further study of Anne Frank.

Cybrary of Holocaust
Internet collection of Holocaust resources compiled at one site.

Elie Wiesel Teacher Resources
Read biographical data on this Nobel Peace Prize winner or extend your learning by exploring some of the additional links.

Holocaust Teacher Resource Center
Classroom materials to enhance the study of the Holocaust.

Holocaust Teaching Resources
From the Centre for Holocaust Education, materials for the educator are listed.

Holocaust Timeline
A year-by-year timeline of the Holocaust.

Jewish Virtual Library
Dozens of links are available here to study the Holocaust.

Museum of Tolerance
This learning center features text and photograph entries, as well as virtual exhibits and teacher resources.

Rescuers from the Holocaust
It is revealed here how certain individuals, at extreme danger to themselves and their families, chose to assist Jewish people.

Rise of Adolf Hitler
Twenty-four chapters about the life of Hitler.

Women and the Holocaust
Educational resource for teachers of the Holocaust.
20th-Century Inventions
his site is arranged by time period but also has links to black, Canadian and Chinese inventors.

4,000 Years of Women in Science
Look for the woman inventor you are profiling here.

Benjamin Franklin
Explore the life and inventions of this extraordinary man.

Electric Ben Franklin
Explore the many facets of the legendary Benjamin Franklin.

Famous Inventors A-Z
Arranged alphabetically, you can choose your inventor of choice.

Historical Inventions A-Z
Need to know who invented pagers? Or air bags? Look up an invention and see!

Invention Dimension
Celebrates inventors who have turned their ideas into accomplishments. An inventor of the week is featured.

Kids Inventor Resources
Students' inventor resources, arranged alphabetically.

Origins of Industrial Revolution in England
Chronicles how a series of inventions in England led to the development of the factory system.

Smithsonian: American Inventors and Inventions
Information on selected inventions and inventors.

Technology Timeline
This timeline features important discoveries from 1752 until 1990. There are many of them!

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Answers to your questions about patents and trademark information.
Black Death
Get your information on the Plague that lasted from 1348 to 1350.

Book of Gode Cookery: Medieval Recipe Translations
Medieval recipes are categorized here by type, such as dessert, meat, soup, etc.

Castles of Britain
This site is dedicated to preserving these British historical relics.

Castles of France
More than 50 French castles are featured here.

Castles on the Web
Tours, photos, and other sites relating to castles.

Center for Disease Control - Plague
Learn about the history and background of the Plague.

History during the time of the crusades is discussed, as well as the seven Crusades.

Crusades and Islam
Information about the Crusades, their purpose and the subsequent change in Western European attitudes are featured.

Early British Kingdoms
The historical evidence for the existence of Arthur is included, as well as biographies of Arthurian characters and maps/additional readings.

European Middle Ages
The peoples most influenced by the Middle Ages are documented. A list of additional links is also included.

Feudal Life
This site covers the health, religion, homes, clothing and entertainment of people living in the Middle Ages.

Footwear of the Middle Ages
What did the people of the Middle Ages wear on their feet and how were those items made?

Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
This site covers archaeology, literature, architecture, art, music, religion, culture, drama, science and more.

Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Thousands of sources are available here on the study of this time period.

King Arthur and Matter of Britain
This is one group’s choice as the "best" sources for information on Arthur.

Choose the category of Medieval times that interests you: cookery, armor, gardens, magic, medicine, etc.

Medieval and Renaissance Food
Many links to primary sources on the food enjoyed during this time.

Medieval Atlas
Select your map by topic, region, name, century or city.

Medieval Castles
Castle history, defenses and architecture are featured on this site.

Medieval English Towns
Information about English towns during the time of the Middle Ages.

Medieval Europe
Many sources of information about Medieval Europe are chronicled here.

Medieval Weddings: Thank you to Ms. Green and her student for this suggestion!

Middle Ages
This time is studied through a series of events of the period.

O.R.B. for Medieval Studies
Collaborative effort by many Medieval scholars to provide information through the Internet.

Origins, causes and effects of the plague are covered.

Plague (2)
This terrible event in European history is discussed.

Plague and Public Health in Renaissance Europe
Site covers the problem of epidemic disease in Western Europe between 1348 and 1530.

Renaissance Architecture
Information about and pictures of examples of Medieval architecture.

Secrets of Lost Empires: Medieval Siege
Explores the topic of experiencing a medieval siege: arms, life in the castle, etc.

Spartacus Medieval
Medieval warfare, monarchs, farming and literature are some of the topics featured here.

Welcome to the Middle Ages
Explore the fascinating times of Medieval Europe
Native Americans
American Indians and Natural World
Learn about some of the Indian groups who shaped America. Choose the region of the country you are interested in and search from there.

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest
Photographs and text are available to learn about these Native Americans.

Eastern Woodland Indians
Look here for information on the Iroquois, Cherokee, and Mound Builder Indians.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Native American History and Culture
Learn about Native American history and culture.

First Nation Histories
Histories of many different Native American nations.

National Museum of American Indians
This site was developed to promote understanding of the Native American culture.

Native American Resources
This is a tremendous site for bibliographies, directory links and multiple resource listings.

Native American Resources on the Internet
Index to Native American Resources on the Web.

Native Americans Archive
Site dedicated to resources for "indigenous cultures around the world."
American West Stagecoach Journey Through History
Links to educational opportunities to explore the commerce and history of the Great American West.

Antique Automobile Club of America
This group encourages the use, history and collection of antique autos.

Concept Cars
Look at prototype, vintage and classic cars here.

Dodge Trucks History
Links to information for those who enjoy their trucks!

Security tips and aviation safety information.

Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
There are some kinds of transportation on this list. Take a look!

Henry Ford Museum
Site to showcase the various types of transportation that are included in the collection of Mr. Ford.

National Air and Space Museum
Exhibits, resources and features of this museum.

Transit People
This site focuses on a not-for-profit group that takes school children on day trips using public transportation.

Transportation in the 19th Century
Read about the closed carriage, the open carriage, the coach and more.

Wright Brothers Aeroplane Company and Museum of Aviation
All about the Wright Brothers, their work and the museum.
U.S. History

American Memory
This site is an archive of over 100 collections of unique items. These collections encompass over seven million documents, photographs, etc.

Constitution Resources
Information on our U.S. Constitution.

Historical Census
Data is included about population and economy of U.S. states and counties from 1790 through 1960.

Living History Sites
This site features over 500 places in our country where history is the focus: battlefields, historic districts, reenacting resources, etc.

National Women's History Project
Biographies of women honored here are available.

Repositories of Primary Sources
This is a listing of over 5,000 Web sites that feature manuscripts, archives, and more about U.S. history.

Their American History: U.S. History and Culture
Collections on architecture, maps, presidents, African Americans and others are included.

U.S. Historical Documents
U.S. historical documents are featured in chronological order.

U.S. History
Compiled by the Independence Hall Association, featured information is on early United States history.

White House Historical Assocation
Take a virtual field trip here!

Wise Guide
This site was developed to make U.S. history fun!

1492: Age of Exploration

1492 Exhibit
Site examines the first contacts between American people and European explorers.

Alexander the Great to Vespucci
Data on explorers, arranged alphabetically.

Columbus Navigation
The history, navigation and landfall of Christopher Columbus.

Discovery and Exploration
Manuscripts and maps are used to document the exploration.

European Explorers
General resources are listed for the study of European exploration.

Indians' Discovery of Columbus
Events are examined from the point of view of the Indians in this treatment.

Spanish Conquest of America
Conquest trails that wind among 14 states are discussed here.

1600-1770: Colonialism

1755 French and Indian War
The war is covered in depth through History.

About Pilgrims
Learn about all of the major settlers and Indians involved with Plymouth.

Colonial America K-12 Resources
Resources for students that chronicle the time from 1600 to 1775 in America.

Colonial Customs Link
Some topics covered included culture, recipes, money, newspapers, law, trade, ships and tobacco.

Colonial Hall
Biographies and historical documents focus on the Founding Fathers.

Colonial Williamsburg
Experience the life of colonial times through this living museum.

Early America
Your window to 18th-century America can open here.

Jamestown Fort
Explores the history of the first English permanent settlement in the New World.

Mayflower Compact
Text of the document adopted November 11, 1620.

Mayflower Web Pages
Read about passengers, history and genealogy of the Mayflower travelers.

Money in North American History
Read about the money used during Colonial times.

Explore Thomas Jefferson's stately home.

Mount Vernon
Enjoy George Washington's home and gardens.

Plymouth on the Web
Research the Pilgrims here.

Roanoke Colony
Learn what you can about this first English settlement in the New World.

Companion to the National Geographic special presentation.

Salem Witch Hysteria
Brief exploration of the trials with many links to additional information.

Thirteen Colonies
Historical look at the original 13 colonies, chronicled by colony name.

Virginia Company
Concise definition of this company.

Virtual Jamestown
Maps, court records, contracts, public records and patterns of development are used to showcase Jamestown.

William Penn
Biographical data on this historical figure.

Witchcraft in Salem Village
Salem explored through documents, maps and archived collections.

1776: War for Independence

Battle of Brooklyn
Background and data about this August 1776 battle.

Continental Congress
Links to documents of the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention.

Declaration of Independence
You can read the complete text here.

History Central
The causes and battles of the war are covered, as are biographies of famous participants.

History Place: American Revolution
Divides the time period into the 1775-76 time of conflict, the Declaration of Independence, and the 1777-1783 war and unlikely victory.

Site is companion to the PBS documentary series.

Paul Revere
Biography and information about the Revere House.

Revolutionary War
Links to numerous sites for background on the Revolutionary War and famous people of the period.

Valley Forge
History of Valley Forge, study of people who served there and information on George Washington.

Virtual Marching Tour of the Revolution
Timeline of the period, battles of the war and noteworthy people of the time are featured.

1790-1840: New Nation

Battle of Lake Erie
In the War of 1812, nine small American ships defeated a squadron of six British ships. That battle is described here.

Federalist Papers
You can read the complete text here.

History of U.S. Flag
Follow the saga that has led to our present U.S. flag.

Jefferson Papers
Documents of Jefferson, grouped and arranged by time period.

Old Sturbridge Village
Take a virtual tour of this restored replica of an early American village.

War of 1812
This site includes a chart of British regiments, articles about the war, images of the times and many links to other sources of information.

1800s: Westward Expansion

History of the American West 
The history of the West, as shown through 1,000s of photographs of the time.

Lewis and Clark
Click on "Inside the Corps" to begin your exploration of these two famous adventurers.

Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Exhibition
This online exhibition complements the celebration of the expedition’s bicentennial.

1820-1865: Sectionalism

Civil War Maps
Troop activities and fortifications during the war are the focus of these maps.

Civil War Women
Papers and diaries of women of the period are included, as are additional links for study.

Documenting the American South
This is a collection of sources on Southern culture, history and literature that encompasses this time period.

Emancipation Proclamation
Read the Proclamation here.

Finding Primary Sources - Civil War
Great source for links to Civil War information.

History Central
Biographies of generals and information about specific battles are included here.

History Place - U.S. Civil War
Chronological overview of the events that shaped the war as well as the war itself.

Home of the American Civil War
Biographies, battles, medicine and more are featured.

Making of America
Collection contains book and journal articles that cover the time period through Reconstruction.

Poetry and Music of the Civil War
Try and understand what the war was like for the people who lived through it. Study their poetry and music.

The Civil War Through a Child’s Eye
This site uses historical fiction and primary sources to expand students’ knowledge of the Civil War.

U.S. Civil War Center
Promotes the study of the war from perspectives of all professions, occupations and disciplines.

Underground Railroad
Corresponding piece to the National Geographic feature.

1860-1865: Civil War

African American Troops in the Civil War
Learn about this group of special soldiers.

American Civil War Homepage
Comprehensive site with links to additional resources, as well as topics covered such as military information, biographical data, battles and campaigns, and rosters of regiments.

Antietam on the Web
Site dedicated to this battle of the Civil War.

Battle of Gettysburg
This site includes attack diagrams, images from the battle site, biographies, etc.

Black Soldiers in the Civil War
Learn about the over 150 units that served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Civil War
View a timeline of the war or read about battles, music or the pertinent places of the conflict.

Civil War Links
Links to dozens of sources for Civil War information.

1866-1900: Gilded Age

Alexander Graham Bell
Chronicles the path taken by Bell as he developed his famous invention.

American Experience - The Telephone
PBS film on the telephone is the basis for this site.

Art and Industry (1890-1920)
Timeline that charts history by art and invention.

Gilded Age - Andrew Carnegie
Companion to PBS program.

Great Chicago Fire
History of this event is included with remembrances of those who experienced it.

Inventor of the Week Archives
Find your inventor of choice here.

Victorian Technology
This Victorian Web link features information on factories, mining, railways, ships, printing, commerce and more.

Women's Work in the Industrial Revolution
Testimony from women and children about their work situations.

World's Fair of 1893
Chicago's famous exposition is described here.

1898: Spanish-American War

America's Story
Links to stories about the period are featured here.

American 1890s
Links to categories of information about this decade: social, political, and economic factors, as well as to art and music contributions.

Crucible of Empire - The Spanish American War
Experience the Spanish American War through this companion piece to the PBS documentary. There is a timeline, discussion of the time period, and links to other historical resources.

History Central
Read an introduction to and background on this war. Included at the site are links to information on the sinking of the Maine and the Battle of San Juan Hill.

World of 1898: Spanish American War
Documents and resources for the study of the war are featured. In addition, there is information about the people who were integral to the period and conflict.

1900-1940: Conflict and Social Change

1900 House
Follow an actual modern family back in time to 1900.

Atomic Bomb Decision
Documents are included that relate to the decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Decoding Nazi Secrets
This link chronicles how the Allies decoded the Enigma, the Germans' message-coding machine.

Ellis Island
Learn about the immigrant experience or search for a person who may have passed through the island.

Nagasaki Journey
Photographic essay about Nagasaki, Japan, the site of the second atomic bomb dropped by the United States during World War II.

New Deal Network
Documents and photos about the New Deal are included, as well as links to many educational activities.

Economic insight to recessions and depressions.

U.S. from Depression to WWII
Documentary photographs that explore the real people that lived through this tumultuous time.

Women's Suffrage
Click on the link for Women's Rights to learn more.

1946 - Present: Modern America

Enjoy reading about the literature and culture of the 1950s.

20th-Century Decades
Choose the 20th-century decade you are interested in and follow the link to resources on that time.

1960s-1970s: Vietnam War

Vietnam Generation
The '60s Project includes information on the war, as well as links to journalism of the time and more.

Women in Vietnam
Explore the information on these women who served.