Skills for Living Web Resources

All Recipes
Recipes, meal ideas, and cooking tips.

Asian Food
Asian food recipes and terms.

Back-of-the-Box Recipes
Site devoted to the recipes found on food packaging.

Baking with M & Ms
Use your favorite candy to bake some treats.

Betty Crocker
Recipes and meal planning from the ultimate cook.

Calorie Control
Looking for ways to cut calories and fat from your diet? You're at the right place.

Children Home Alone and Babysitter Age Guidelines
Guidelines for determining when a child is ready to stay home alone or when a young person is ready to babysit others.

Chocolate Lover's Page
Recipes for lovers of chocolate.

Congo Cookbook
African recipes and cuisine.

Cook's Thesaurus
This site is an encyclopedia of cooking ingredients and tools.

Do a quick recipe search here.

Eating right and exercising to improve your life.

Dairy Council of California
Look into the nutrition- and fitness-planners on this site.

Ethnic/Cultural and Special Audience Food Guide
Cultural food pyramids.

Food Timeline
Food history with a timeline.

Food Network
Cooking, recipes, and entertaining ideas.

Global Destinations
Country profiles with links to recipes.

Global Gourmet
Recommended site for the gourmet.

Good Cooking
Recipes, techniques, and food news.

Greek Cuisine
Check out the category of Greek recipe you are looking for and begin your search.

Julia Child: Lessons with Master Chefs
Learn the tips from the cooking greats!

Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes
Lots of those healthy recipes that are more difficult to find.

Need help with your meal planning? Look over this site.

Medieval Renaissance Food
What did they eat in medieval and renaissance times? Find out here.

Menu Help
Lots of gourmet meals to prepare in 20 minutes!

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
How to find help and get the facts you need.
Guide to nutrition and health resources on government Web sites.

Link to food-related information, much of it arranged by theme.

Pillsbury Bake Off
Collection of winning recipes from this famous contest.

Recipe America
More great recipes!

Recipe Archive
Look at the recipe archives to pick your favorite.

Recipe Center
Choose your recipe by cuisine type, meal, diet, occasion, or type of preparation needed.

Recipe Source
Browse the ethnic dishes by region and the American dishes by type.

The "world's greatest recipe collection."

Spanish Gourmet
Information on selected ingredients, as well as recipes.

State Fair Recipes
Check out these recipe-contest winners.

Victim Services Domestic Violence Shelter
Tour a shelter and find the resources to help battered women and abused children.

World's Best Recipe Site
Contains a huge list of categories to find out how to prepare the dish you want.

Yum Yum
Recipe Web site for the "everyday" cook.