Science Web Resources

 Muir Science Textbooks online:



    1. All About Space
      Data about the solar system is featured here, as are activities and learning puzzles.
    2. Amazing Space Web Activities
      Discoveries from the Hubble Telescope are included here to help us explore the universe.
    3. Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards
      Get the accurate information about what is heading toward earth.
    4. Astrobiology Magazine
      Learn about the cosmos from this magazine.
    5. Constellations
      Extensive information about many constellations.
    6. Constellations and Their Myths
      The constellations are discussed here by location and by season.
    7. Cool Cosmos
      Answers to your questions about space can be found here.
    8. Earth and Moon Viewer
      Take a closer look at our planet and its satellite.
    9. Explore Science
      Experience science with gizmos.
    10. Galileo's Battle for the Heavens
      The scientist's life, discoveries and even mistakes are discussed here.
    11. Kennedy Space Center
      Browse through the information about all of the programs at Kennedy, including future launch dates.
    12. Mars Rover
      Get the latest news from Spirit and Opportunity!
    13. NASA
      Discover how NASA is trying to improve life on our planet by exploring beyond it.
    14. NASA Earth Observatory
      Enjoy the vast work of NASA in observation of all of earth's glory.
    15. NASA Human Spaceflight
      All you need to know about the programs that NASA has involving humans in space.
    16. NASA Sun-Earth Media Viewer
      Look at these images of the sun!
    17. National Air and Space Museum
      Visit Washington, D.C.'s premier space museum.
    18. Nine Planets Multimedia Tour
      Explore the history and current scientific knowledge of our planetary system.
    19. Private Manned Space Program
      The Tier One Project, a privately funded space program, is profiled here.
    20. Space Weather Today
      What's happening in space today? Check here to find out.
      Up to date space news.
    22. Windows to the Universe
      Lots of wonderful graphics in this site about earth and space.



    1. Animal Search
      Begin your animal research here.
    2. Bagheera's Lair
    3. Biology Place
      Biology resources and tutorials are available here.
    4. Cells Alive
      Explore a plant cell or animal cell.
    5. Chocolate Exhibition
      Information from the exhibit at the Field Museum of Natural History.
    6. Cincinnati Zoo
      Animals, plants, conservation and education programs.
    7. Dallas Zoo
      Research, education and attractions at this zoo.
    8. ENature
      Online field guides, birding info and park and nature refuge lists.
    9. Enchanted Learning
      Scroll down the page for information on animals!
    10. Endangered Animal Information
      Information about life here on planet Earth.
    11. Endangered TV
      This site is "putting the face on the earth's vanishing animals."
    12. Frontiers In Bioscience
      Site dedicated to promoting science, education and research.
    13. Living Things
      Individual plants and animals, as well as their families.
    14. Museum of Science and Industry
      All about the exhibits and programs at this Chicago museum.
    15. National Wildlife Federation
      Promotes education and action to keep the wild in our world.
    16. Oakland Zoo
      Animal A to Z, teacher resources,animal of the month and conservation at the Oakland Zoo.
    17. PBS Nature
      Nature program listings, TV schedule, puzzles and a critter guide.
    18. Sweet Science of Chocolate
      The history, chemical properties and sources of chocolate are covered here.
    19. Tree of Life
      This is a collaborative effort by thousands of biologists to explore the diversity of earth's organisms.



    1. 42EXplore
      Links to other butterfly sites.
    2. Bug Bios
      Insects in our culture, educational resources and links to other insect related sites.
    3. Butterflies Online
      Activities, games and observations.
    4. Butterfly Site
      Gardening, conservation, and activities are some of the highlights of this site.
    5. Butterfly Web Site
      Learn about the world of butterflies.
    6. Entomology
      Directory of insect related resources on the Internet.
    7. Field Museum Butterfly Basics
      Learn more about butterflies and moths!
    8. Insects
      This site has links to other insects sites.
    9. Monarch Watch
      Extensive site on this migrating butterfly.
    10. Scorpions
      Lots of information about these arachnids!
    11. Tarantulas
      Life cycle, anatomy and species facts.

Land Animals


    1. All About Birds
      You will want to look at the Online Bird Guide, which includes identification information, sounds, birding locations, conservation efforts and more.
    2. Aviary
      The complete information resource on birds.
    3. Avibase
      This bird database includes information on 10,000 species and 22,000 sub species.
    4. Bat Conservation International
      Bat conservation and education with lots of information.
    5. Bats: The Only Flying Mammal
      Research and resources for students and educators.
    6. Bear Conservation
      Find out what zoos are doing to protect and conserve these animals.
    7. Bird Watcher Digest
      Bird songs, identification and feeding.
    8. Birds - Zoom School
      Bird fossils and evolution, bird watching, bird crafts and classroom activities are included in this large site.
    9. Kiwi Recovery
      Learn about this bird of New Zealand.
    10. Melissa Kaplan's Herp and Green Iguana Information Collection
      If you are going to get a lizard, snake, iguana, etc. for a pet, make sure you use this invaluable site to help with their care. She shares wonderful info!
    11. PARC
      Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation will help you learn about these animals and help you take care of them, should you choose to keep them as pets.
    12. Peterson Birding Resources
      Tremendous site for links to a vast assortment of other resources.
    13. Reptile Database
      Crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles and more!
    14. Reptiles - CNAH
      All the data you'll probably ever need about North American amphibians, reptiles, turtles and crocodiles.
    15. SDNHM Reptiles
      This San Diego museum site includes a field guide to reptiles most common in their area, as well as educational resources for educators.
    16. Tiger Information Center
      Site dedicated to helping preserve the remaining 5 sub species of tiger.
    17. Wild Cats
      Covers the history and "culture" of wild cats.



    1. Coral and Coral Reefs
      Sea World's education department provides information about coral and coral reefs.
    2. Coral Reef Information Network
      Information about coral, where reefs are found, how they are formed and more.
    3. Coral Reef Online
      Photos, charts and reports about the coral reefs.
    4. Coral Reef Protection
      EPA's work toward the mission of coral reef habitat protection.
    5. Island of the Sharks
      Enter the world of sharks.
    6. Ocean
      Marine conservation, ocean travel and "Creature Features."
    7. Ocean Planet
      Great site for listing dozens of links to other oceanic information.
    8. Orca Live
      This site contains sounds and pictures from a whale-watching researching station.
    9. Reef Base
      Global information system about coral reefs.
    10. Reef Information Network
      Australian site to help uncover the mysteries of the reefs.
    11. Sea World
      Animal information, fun zone, park listing, camps, teacher materials.
    12. Secrets of the Ocean Realm
      Find out everything you wanted to know about the creatures of the sea.
    13. Shedd Aquarium
      Animals, exhibits and conservation at this aquarium.
    14. Whale Songs
      Trivia and information about cetaceans.
    15. Whale Times
      Resource for seals, sea lions, walruses, penguins, sharks and whales.
    16. Zoom Whales
      Anatomy, behavior, classification, whale myths, evolution and classroom links and puzzles.



    1. Encyclopedia of Plants
      Plant description, methods of cultivation, soil requirements, varieties and hybrids. Gardener's heaven!
    2. Plants National Database
      Pick a plant, use its common or scientific name, and begin your search for information.
    3. Tropical Plant Database
      Plants are listed here by common name, ethnic use and botanical name. There are links to other resources, too!


    1. Atoms 
      The "Atoms Family" explores atoms, matter, energy, waves, light and electricity.
    2. C & EN: It's Elemental: The Periodic Table Chemical Engineering and News Periodic Table
      This is a story-like view of the periodic table.
    3. Chem Soc
      This pictorial depiction of the periodic table gives the discovery date, discoverer, origin and description of each element.
    4. Chemcenter
      Web site of the American Chemical Society.
    5. Chemical Elements
      Information about the elements in the Periodic Table. This site was originally designed as an eighth-grade science fair project!
    6. ChemiCool
      Check out the periodic table here!
    7. Chemistry for Kids
      Reactions, elements, biochemistry, atoms, matter and more.
    8. Chemistry Resources
      There are over 7,000 links in this database of chemical topics.
    9. Detailed Colored Printable Periodic Table of the Elements
      Periodic table with information and pictures.
    10. Element Database
      Look up the element you want by name, symbol or atomic number.
    11. Environmental Chemistry
      You can find the names of elements in other languages here!
    12. Los Alamos National Labs Periodic Table of the Elements
      Another detailed look at the periodic table.
    13. Periodic Table of Comic Books
      Interesting idea (but probably not your best research resource)!
    14. Web Elements
      Source of quality information about the elements for student use.
    15. Wooden Periodic Table
      An interesting look at a periodic table that has come to life.



    1. Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory
      There are over 80,000 links in more than 100 countries here.
    2. Biomes
      Introduction to the five major types of biomes.
    3. Biomes
      Discover the many factors that differ among the earth's environments.
    4. Endangered Species Database
      A list of endangered species that has been compiled by the U.S. government is included here.
    5. Enviroinfo
      Do your environmental research here.
    6. National Library for the Environment
      Learn more about your environment here.
    7. Ozone Depletion
      Seeks to explain the science of ozone depletion and its importance.
    8. Planet Pal
      Student-friendly site with information about our earth, recycling and dealing with hazardous waste, among other topics.
    9. University of Brussels - Environmental Resources Directory
      A resource site established by the Belgian government.
    10. World Biomes
      Examples of five types of biomes are given, along with news regarding those and maps of world biome areas.

Geology & Meteorology


    1. Accuweather
      Get your local forecast here or check out the radar or satellite images.
    2. Atmospheric Optics
      Enjoy these images of light, shadow and optical effects.
    3. Department of Mineral Sciences
      This site is dedicated to the study of gems, rocks, minerals, volcanoes and meteorites.
    4. Earthquake Hazards Program
      Site provided to try and reduce earthquake hazard here in the U.S.
    5. El Niño
      Discover the consequences to weather and climate of El Niño.
    6. FEMA for Kids
      Types of disasters are discussed, along with how to assemble a disaster supply kit and make a family disaster plan.
    7. Geologic Time Machine
      Introduction to geologic time, its era and periods.
    8. Hotlist of Weather Links Hotlist.pdf
      Great links to weather sites and sites about individual weather phenomenon.
    9. How Volcanoes Work
      Explains the science behind volcanoes.
    10. Intellicast
      Check out your local or an international forecast here.
    11. IRIS Seismic Monitor
      Search the web for earthquake information or monitor global earthquake in almost real-time.
    12. Mineral Gallery
      Mineral descriptions, specimens and pictures.
    13. Mineral Resources Program: Science for a Changing
      Provides information on availability and occurrence of minerals.
    14. National Earthquake Information Center
      Up to date earthquake information for worldwide locations.
    15. National Geophysical Data Center
      Provides access to global environmental data through satellites and other sources.
    16. National Hurricane Center
      Follow the hurricane hunters.
    17. National Ocean Service
      The National Ocean Service predicts and measures coastal and ocean phenomena.
    18. National Oceanographic Data Center
      This group provides access to coastal and oceanographic data.
    19. National Weather Service
      Forecast, weather warnings, observations, weather safety and educational programs of this service are on this site.
    20. Natural Disaster Reference Database
      Floods, hurricanes, wildfires, eruptions, avalanches, landslides, etc.
    21. NOVA Online: Flood
      Companion to a public television piece on dealing with floods.
    22. Sand
      Learn about that grainy beach component - SAND!
    23. Sands of the World
      Examines mineral and sound qualities of sands from around the world.
    24. Scripps Institute of Oceanography
      Seeks to communicate understanding of the oceans, atmosphere, and the planets for the betterment of the environment.
    25. Seismological Laboratory
      Cal Tech's site about earthquakes and seismic activity.
    26. Tornado Project
      You never guessed there was so much to know about tornadoes. Check this out!
    27. Tsunami
      Learn all about these large ocean waves!
    28. United States Weather Pages
      U.S. Weather map, along with a list of current weather watches and warnings.
    29. University of Tokyo Volcano Research Center
      This group's work to predict volcanic eruptions is featured here.
    30. Volcano World
      All kinds of information on volcanoes, as well as links to other sources.
    31. Volcanoes/Mt. St. Helens
      Updates, monitoring and background of Mount St. Helens.
    32. Weather Channel
      Exhaustive weather information.
    33. Weather Channel Encyclopedia
      Storm encyclopedia about global warming, flooding, thunderstorms, etc.
    34. Weather Underground
      All the weather news you need!
    35. What's Up with the Weather?
      This site explores the issue of global warming.
    36. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
      Institute is dedicated to the study of marine science.

Multi- disciplinary


    1. Aquatic Network
      The Aquatic Network provides information about living resources and technology relating to marine and freshwater environments.
    2. Biodiversity Counts
      Encourages students to get out in the field to study biodiversity at a site near their school.
    3. Bugs in the News
      All types of questions you've wondered about. Check it out!
    4. Eisenhower National Clearinghouse 
      The ENC is a math and science teacher center.
    5. Everyday Mysteries
      Fun science facts from the Library of Congress.
    6. Explorit Science Center
      Array of science programs, events and activities.
    7. Forensics in the Classroom
      Five different cases for students to solve are included!
    8. Franklin Institute
      Official site of Franklin Institute Online.
    9. LLEK Bookmarks
      Special search engines for your area of interest.
    10. Mad Scientists' Network
      Do you have a question for the scientists? You can ask it here!
    11. Museum of Unnatural Mystery
      Keep students interested in science with this unique site!
    12. National Academy of Science, Paths From Research to Human Benefit
      Recent technological and medical advances are highlighted in articles here.
    13. National Center for Biotechnology
      Learn more about this interesting topic here.
    14. National Museum of Natural History
      Science in the news is one of the links at this site.
    15. National Science Digital Library
      Comprehensive source for science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.
    16. National Science Foundation
      There is much scientific information available on the internal pages of this site.
    17. Rough Science
      This site features the challenges of five scientists who are given tasks to complete using their collective scientific knowledge.
    18. Science Daily
      Link to the latest research news in science.
    19. Science Friday
      Information from National Public Radio's broadcast episode.
    20. Science Made Simple
      Simple science projects and experiments.
    21. Science News for Kids
      Features science news of interest to young people.
    22. Science News Websites
      Links to dozens of sources for science news.
    23. Science Online
      This site includes the Science magazine.
    24. Science Snacks Online
      Enjoy these smaller versions of larger exhibits at the Exploratorium.
    25. Sciencenter
      Check out the "Science Online" link at this site.
    26. Smithsonian: Spotlight on Science
      Weekly science newsletter from the Smithsonian.
    27. Sweet Science of Chocolate
      Learn about the history of chocolate, how it is made, and more.



    1. Exploratorium
      A museum of science, art and human perception.
    2. Franklin Institute
      Official site of Franklin Institute.
    3. National Museum of Natural History
      There's lots of science in our history. Learn about it here!
    4. Zoos Worldwide
      Animal facilities from around the world are featured: aquariums, wildlife parks, zoos, sanctuaries.



    1. Dino Data
      Learn all about those fabulous prehistoric reptiles.
    2. Dinosauria
      Includes a paleontology journal with information on a number of topics.
    3. Discovering Dinosaurs
      Dinosaur discoveries, dictionary of dinosaur terms and types, great links to other sites about paleontology.
    4. Sue at the Field Museum
      Read about the largest, most complete, and best-preserved T-Rex found to date - Sue!
    5. Zoom Dinosaurs
      Anatomy, behavior, classification, extinction, fossils, etc.



    1. American Institute of Physics
      This group promotes the study of the history of physics and the related areas of optics, astronomy and geophysics.
    2. Environmental Protection Agency
      Site for government group that safeguards our environment.
    3. Fear Not! Physics Explained
      Explains things from roller coasters to the Doppler effect.
    4. How Stuff Works
      How do laser printers work? Or child safety seats? Or ... well, it's probably here! Information on a wide range of subjects.
    5. International Atomic Energy Agency
      This group is the focal point for nuclear cooperation throughout the world.
    6. IPPEX!
      The plasma physics experience!
    7. Official String Theory Site
      For the dedicated physics buff!
    8. Optics for Teens: Get Bright
      Everyday applications, lab activities, and resources for teachers and parents are available here.
    9. Particle Adventure
      The fundamentals of matter and force are explored.
    10. Physics 2000
      Take a journey through modern physics.
    11. Physics and Science Reference
      Links to physics and astronomy information online.
    12. Physics Web
      Explore this scientific specialty.
    13. Space Physics and Aeronomy on the Web
      Web resources to learn about the space environment and space science are available.
    14. Why Files
      The science behind the news!
    15. Wind Energy Program
      Check out this alternative energy source.



    1. How CDs Work
      Small part of the large "How Stuff Works" site. Learn about all kinds of cool things!
    2. Laser Basics
      How many ways are lasers used? Explore many that you might not be aware of.
    3. Medical Design Technology
      Latest new products and equipment in medical technology.
    4. Medical Device Technology
      Technical information on new medical devices.
    5. Science, Technology, and Computers
      Science and technology links from the Librarians' Index to the Internet.
    6. Why Lasers Are Important Today
      Explore a short historical overview of the laser.