Physical Education Web Resources

    1. All About Hang Gliding
      Learn about this sport and the equipment and training you will need to get started.
    2. American Saddlebred Horse
      History, the show ring, and links to other saddlebred clubs and publications.
    3. Balloon Federation of America
      Information about the hot-air balloonists of America.
    4. Boardz
      Skateboarding, snowboarding, and surfing site.
    5. Brunswick
      Learn about playing pool and the history of the Brunswick company.
    6. Brunswick Online
      Learn about all types of bowling equipment and locate Brunswick Bowling centers.
    7. CBS Sportsline
      CBS Sports scoreboard and sports news.
    8. Cyber Boxing
      Explore the news and historical sections of this site about boxing.
    9. Drop Zone
      Skydiving gear, safety, and news.
    10. ESPN
      Gather all your sports news here.
    11. EXPN
      Here is the extreme sports news you want!
    12. GORP (Great Outdoors Recreation Page)
      All you'll need to make those outdoor destination plans.
    13. International Boxing Hall of Fame
      Boxing history and information about the inductees are included at this site.
    14. NCAA Statistics
      This will keep all those college sports fans happy!
    15. Olympic Games 
      The Librarians' Index to the Internet has compiled a tremendous collection of links here.
    16. Olympic Medal Winners
      You can search for medal winners by gender, type of medal, sport, year, name, or nation.
    17. Scuba Yellow Pages
      Diving gear, training, destinations, and more.
    18. Ski Central
      Gear, trip planning, snow report - all you need for your ski vacation!
    19. Sporting News
      Online version of the sporting magazine.
    20. Sports Illustrated
      Sports Illustrated's online edition.
    21. Sports Illustrated for Kids
      Online version of this publication for younger sports fans.
    22. Sports Media
      Physical education and sports for everyone.
    23. Sports Records
      All kinds of information on those interesting sports records.
    24. U.S Sailing
      This group promotes sailing and racing in the United States.
    25. USA Judo
      News, event results, athletes, coaches, and more information about U.S. judo.
    26. USA Today Sports
      Online version of the USA Today newspaper sports section.
    27. Visit Your National Parks
      Choose your national park destination and get the information you will need for the trip.

Auto Racing

    1. Andretti Home Page
      Read all about this famous auto racing clan.
    2. Champ Car World Series
      Drivers, teams, schedules, race results - it's all here!
    3. Indy Racing League
      Check out the Indy Racing results and standings.
    4. Motorsports Hall of Fame
      Outstanding racers from sports-car racing, motorcycle racing, power-boat racing, drag racing, and more.
    5. NASCAR
      Read and view the latest NASCAR news and multimedia.

Baseball & Softball


    1. Ballparks
      All kinds of sports arenas are featured: baseball, basketball, football and hockey.
    2. Baseball Almanac
      Interactive baseball encyclopedia dedicated to preserving the history of the game.
    3. Baseball America Online
      Baseball information about all levels of the sport, including high school and college.
    4. Baseball Links
      Over 10,000 unique links to baseball resources are indexed here.
    5. Baseball Reference
      All the statistics you crave about teams and players.
    6. Bigleaguers
      Official site of the Major League Baseball Players Association.
    7. International Softball Federation
      Governing board of male and female softball players around the world.
    8. Major League Baseball
      America's favorite pastime's official site.
    9. National Baseball Hall of Fame
      Preserving the history of the game.
    10. Negro League Baseball
      Chronicles the blacks-only baseball teams of the first half of the 20th century.
    11. USA Softball
      Selects teams for the Pan American games, the Olympic Games, and world championships.



    1. Basketball Hall of Fame
      Who are the Hall of Famers? Find out here.
    2. Harlem Globetrotters
      Team news, schedule, events, and history.
    3. NBA
      The official Web site of the National Basketball Association.
    4. NCAA
      National Collegiate Athletic Association link to basketball and other sports as well.
    5. USA Basketball
      Site of the group that selects and trains teams for national and international competitions.
    6. WNBA
      News, results, schedules, standings, and transactions for the Women's National Basketball Association.



    1. Adventure Cycling
      Cycling events, bike trips, bike maintenance, and articles.
    2. Harley Davidson
      Learn about 100 years of great motorcycles.
    3. Mountain Bike
      Events, equipment, and trips for the biker.



    1. Team Cheer
      Lots of cheerleading equipment is sold here, but there are also some links to forums, etc.
    2. Varsity
      Find information on clinics, camps, and competitions.



    1. NFL
      National Football League official site.
    2. Pro Football Hall of Fame
      Sample football history through the best players of the game.



    1. Golf Online
      A Web site from Sports Illustrated and Golf Magazine. Here is your golf news.
    2. Golf Web
      Players, tournaments, statistics, and instruction on golf.
    3. LPGA
      Official Web site of the Ladies Professional Golf Association.
    4. PGA
      Professional golf news, tournaments, and equipment information.



    1. USA Gymnastics
      Site for the national governing body for gymnastics in the U.S.



    1. A to Z Encyclopedia of Ice Hockey
      Find all of those facts, figures, and lists you've been looking for.
    2. Hockey Hall of Fame
      Exhibits, educational programs, honored members, and resource center.
    3. NHL
      Features, scores, schedules, teams, players, etc.



    1. ESPN Soccer
      Scores, clubs, and stats.
    2. FIFA
      Official site for the international governing body of soccer.
    3. Major League Soccer
      MLS scores, statistics, rosters, and schedules.
    4. United States Soccer Federation
      Teams, competitions, and services.



    1. Association of Tennis Professionals
      News, players, tournaments, and more.
    2. International Tennis Federation
      Competitions, cups, facts, and figures about this tennis organization.
    3. Tennis Server
      Links to tennis sites.
      Tennis magazine's official site.
    5. United States Tennis Association
      Site expands this group's mission to promote and develop the growth of tennis.
    6. Wimbledon
      Official site of the Wimbledon championships.

Track & Field


    1. Runner's World
      Site of the world's leading running magazine.
    2. Track and Field News
      Lists, records, rankings - find them here.
    3. USA Track & Field
      The national governing body's Web site.



    1. USA Volleyball
      News, teams, and performances.
    2. Volleyball
      Equipment, events, products, and competitions.
    3. Volleyball Worldwide
      Global source of volleyball information.



    1. Wrestling USA
      Check out what's happening in the wrestling world.



    1. Skateboarding
      News, tips for tricks, listing of skateparks, and more.
    2. Snowmobile Online
      Get your snowmobile info here.