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Math Applications

100 Interesting Mathematical Problems, Exercises and Puzzles
Use these exercises to help students learn that math is a useful tool for everyday life.

Ask Dr. Math
Here are the answers to your mathematics questions.

Brain Teasers
Enter the brain teasers' contests here

Catalog of Mathematics Resources
Vast listing of mathematics resources on the Web.

Dositey: Multiplication
Fun multiplication games and interactive lessons.

Eisenhower Clearinghouse
This is a math-science teacher center for instructors of grades K-12.

Explore Math
Features multimedia features to enhance instruction.

Math Archives
Teaching software, materials, and links are arranged by topic here.

Math Forum
Math resources, research, and educational links.

Disciplines and Tools

Absurd Math
Pre-algebra from another dimension.

Calculator Online
Calculators for figuring cars' pricing, cooking measures, telephone traffic, and many more.

Convert It
This calculator converts measurements.

Convert Me
This interactive calculator even converts to metric, Greek, and Roman equivalents.

Geometry Center
Study shapes, patterns, and symmetry.

Math Forum: Algebra
Links to sites about algebra.

Math Forum: Geometry
Here are your geometry links.

Three dozen calculators are included here.

Online Conversions
Good site for conversions!


10,000-Year Calendar
View a month or year calendar for any year you choose.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians
Celebrates the achievements of women in mathematics.

History of Mathematics
Biographies of past mathematicians, mathematicians of today, and general history information.

How Big Is a Billion?
Lesson ideas and activities on this very large mathematical concept!
Historical women in computing and mathematics are profiled.

Prime Pages
Prime number research is featured here.

World of Math Online
Choose the type of math you are interested in. Homework help is available here as well.

World Time Server
Find the correct time for any world location.