Health Web Resources

Alcoholics Anonymous
Information about the famous self-help program for those addicted to alcohol.

Allergy Info
Allergy tips and info on your indoor or outdoor allergies from the makers of Zyrtec.

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunolog
Allergy information, pollen counts, and tips to finding an allergist.

American Cancer Society
Homepage of the American Cancer Society.

American College of Emergency Physicians
Learn about SARS, bioterrorism, domestic violence, and more.

American Diabetes Association
Information about the disease and the group that provides diabetes research, information, and advocacy on this site.

American Heart Association
Group that works toward fighting heart disease and stroke.

American Lung Association
Learn about lung diseases, asthma, tobacco control, and more.

Anorexia and Related Eating Disorders
Information and varied resources on bulimia, anorexia, and more.

Anorexic Web
Site that strives to raise awareness about the fight against eating disorders.

Arthritis Foundation
Conditions, treatments, and research are featured as well as news and resources.

Bone Biology
Site was created for middle school students by a physician and includes information on building bone strength.

Brain Pop
Health, science, technology, and math educational site.

California Healthcare Foundation
Site is sponsored by a philanthropic organization dedicated to improving California health care.

Cancer Facts
Facts about cigar smoking and cancer.

Center for Eating Disorders
News and inspiration for those fighting these disorders.

Centers for Disease Control
Health topics from A to Z, as well as data about the work of this agency.

Cholesterol Information 
Information regarding cholesterol levels, including what's healthy and what's not.

Common Drugs of Abuse
Read about these commonly abused drugs.

Consequences of Smoking 
Side effects of smoking cigarettes.

Training courses and programs.

Official Web site of the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Information, resources, and support for those with mood disorders.

Drug Facts 
Facts about a variety of drugs to inform teens and adults alike.

Emerging Infectious Diseases
Analyzing disease trends leads to the Center for Disease Control's finding of emerging infectious diseases.

First Spot First Aid
First aid for wounds, burns, and other emergency situations.

Fitness Online
Fitness services on eating right, getting fit, body building, etc.

Free Medical Dictionary
Medical dictionary, as well as medication, disease, and treatment news.

Health A to Z
Your family health site for information on medical conditions and concerns.

Health Links
Your links to reliable health information.

Health Pages
Database of health-care professionals.

Health World Online
Find out about treatments, conditions, diagnosis, research, support groups, etc.

Discover therapies, nutrition, and condition information.

Hepatitis Information Network
Check out the different types of this liver disease.

Internet Drug Index
Search for a drug by name or treated condition.

Internet Mental Health
Mental disorders, medications, and research.

IPRC Infosite
Service of the Indiana Prevention Center, info on statistics, and more on drug and other addiction prevention.

John Hopkins Health Information
Consumer health information on dozens of different topics.

Kids' Health
Explore the information about drugs, alcohol, conditions, and fitness.

Mayo Clinic
Education and research at the world-famous clinic.

Mayo Health Oasis
Health information for an improved life.

Meals for You
Nutritional information on thousands of foods, along with meal plans and recipes.

Medicine Net
Current health news with information about many medical conditions.

Medline Plus
Find the answers to your health-related questions.

Merck Manual
Great source of medical information!

My Fitness Pal
Designed to help educate you about general health, nutrition, and fitness topics. 

National Cancer Institute 
Cancer information, statistics, and research.

National Center for Health Statistics
Collection of statistics from the Center for Disease Control.

Nursing Center
Career opportunities, medical journal publications, and comprehensive resource for nurses.

PDR Health
Wellness, drug information, clinical trials, and more. 

Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World
Focus on our senses and health.

Shape Up America
Find out about fitness and weight-loss programs here.

Step-by-Step Yoga
Yoga postures, meditations, and philosophy.

University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center
Explore this site to find needed information about cancer.

Using Family History to Promote Health
Discusses ways that family history can be a risk factor for health problems.

World Health Organization
Data on births, deaths, and diseases for world nations.

Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program
Designed to create awareness and attention to the problem of suicide.

Yoga Site
Yoga styles, postures, therapy, and more.