Art, Drama and Music Web Resources

Art History Resources
Explore art throughout time and by world region.

Art Junction
Explore the activity centers featured here.

Art Scholarship
Newsletter for the culturally inspired mind.

Art Source
Resources for the study of art and architecture.

Art Teacher on the Net
Wonderful art ideas for educators.

Explore great works of art.

Artist Index
Biographical data about hundreds of artists.

Artlex, Art Dictionary
Definitions of more than 3,000 terms used in the art world.

Arts Edge
Explore teaching through the arts.

Arts EdNet
Getty art education site.

Asian Art
This site promotes the appreciation Asian art.

Asian Arts
Journal for the study of Asian art.

Big Cartoon Database
Get a detailed look at your favorite cartoons.

Digital Archive of American Architecture
Fifteen hundred images of American architecture.

Digital Archive of Architecture
Images of world architecture throughout history.

Explore Color
Art projects, articles, and links.

Frank Lloyd Wright
Learn about the man and his buildings.

Frank Lloyd Wright Biography
Biographical info about the legendary architect.

Great Buildings Collection
Building types, architectural styles, an architecture timeline, and many other features highlight this site.

How to Read a Painting
Learn art-criticism skills to enhance your enjoyment of visiting museums and galleries.

Incredible Art Department
Art lessons, resources, and additional links.

Mark Harden's Artchive
Images, texts, and articles for educational use.

Nobel Craftsmen We Promote: Arts and Crafts Movement
This site focuses on the art, architecture, furniture, and decorative arts of this movement.

Paper Folding Site
Eric Andersen's site for beginners or more advanced paper folders.

Portrait Artist
Illustrated lessons of the drawing of portraits.

American Ballet Theatre
American Ballet Theatre programs, training, and tours.

New York City Ballet
Includes schedules, resources, and games about the company.

Dance News

Go here for the latest news about dance.

Greatest Films
A wealth of film reference materials is here!

Internet Movie Database
All about the movies!

American Museum of Natural History
Programs, research, and exhibits.

American Museum of Photography
Check out this special museum.

Andy Warhol Museum
Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, dedicated to the works of Warhol.

Art Institute of Chicago
News, exhibitions, and collection viewing are available on this museum site.

Most popular artist searches.

Art topics from the Librarians' Index to the Internet.

Brooklyn Museum of Art
Museum information, programs, and events.

Carnegie Museum of Art
Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Cleveland Museum of Art
Explore this museum's collections.

Detroit Institute of the Arts
Exhibits and education links.

Guggenheim Museum
Exhibits, collections, and educational programs of this network of museums.

J. Paul Getty Museum
Research and conservation are featured, as well as exhibits and collections.

London Guide: Museum in London
Check out this listing of the 300 museums and galleries in London, England.

Louvre Museum
News, collections, and activities from this Paris, France, museum where The Mona Lisa, among other famous works of art, is located.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Explore art and its history at the New York City Met.

Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Collection and exhibits from this museum.

Musee: Directory of Museums Worldwide
Links to 37,000 museums.

Explore these museums.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Online collection database, as well as exhibit and program information.

Museum of Modern Art
Explore the collections and exhibits here.

Museum of Photographic Arts
Check out the features of this San Diego, California, museum.

Museums Around the World
An exhaustive listing of world museums.

Museums of the World
40,000 museums and historic sights.

Search by country, artist or museum name.

MuseumStuff: Gateway to the World of Museums
Museums, educational links, virtual exhibits.

National Gallery of Art
Resources, education, and programs at the Washington, D.C., venue.

National Gallery of Art-The Collection
Washington, D.C. museum.

National Gallery, London
Look at what this British museum's site has to offer.

National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA)
Washington, D. C. museum.

Salvador Dalí Museum
Learn about this unique Spanish artist and his collection here.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Education and exhibits.

Smithsonian American Art Museum
Promotes the diversity of American Art.

Smithsonian Institution
Visit all the museums that are part of the Smithsonian Museum group.

State Hermitage Museum
Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Tate Gallery
Online collection for one of Britain's premier art museums.

World Wide Art Resources
Art news and history.

About the Steel Drum
Find out all about this percussion instrument.

African Music
Browse this encyclopedia by artist or country or link to other sources of African music.

African Music and Dance
Features traditional African dance drumming information.

Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame
Jazz news, history and inductees to the Hall of Fame.

All About Jazz
Profiles, reviews, interviews, and more are included in this large jazz site.

All Music
Explanations of the different types of music are given, along with glossaries, essays, and background data.

Composer Biographies
Find out about the lives of famous composers.

Classical Music Basics
Basic information about classical music.
Guitar fans and players, this site is for you!

I Hear America Singing
Experience the variety of American performing arts here.

John Philip Sousa
Read about the March King here.

Music Education at Datadragon
Learn about reading music, musical history, and instruments.

Music Education Online
General music education site.

Music Sites by Category
Look up your music favorite by genre, region, artist, or instrument.

Musical Instruments
Sampler of some of the world's most interesting instruments.

Online Music Encyclopedia
Composer and instrument information is located here.

Popular Songs in American History
Tunes, lyrics, and background of American music.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Exhibits, information and artists included in the Hall of Fame are featured.

Roughstock's History of Country Music
Get the history behind today's country music.

This Day in Music History
Historical music events for each day.

Worldwide Internet Music Resources
Links to all types of music resource sites.

American Operas (1841-1947)
Dedicated to opera written by American composers.

Current Theater
What shows are on Broadway right now? The New York Times' Theater section lists them for you.

Find out about the vast number of musicals performed!