PDF Document2015-2016 LHS Parent & Student Handbook : Take a look at the course descriptions as you think about which classes to sign up for next year. This handbook also contains detailed information about Lakeland's policies including discipline, attendance, grading, and graduation requirements. Please note that graduation requirements have changed since this handbook was printed. Click here to view the current graduation requirements  for all students.

Schedule Change Policy : If there is an error on your schedule and you need to request a change, you must complete a schedule change form located in the counseling office within the first week of the new semester. No schedule changes will be made after the first week of the semester. Please keep in mind that your schedule was created based on your selections during online scheduling the previous year. Teacher staffing, course offerings, and instructional supplied are all based on your course selections. Unfortunately, schedule change requests based on teacher preference or changing of your mind about course selections cannot be accommodated. 

Schedule Requests : Students request their course work for the following school year each February/March. Students are encouraged to put ample time, consideration, and research information regarding the courses they are signing up for. This should be a discussion as a family in addition to meeting individually with their school counselor during the scheduling process.


Many courses require students to complete an application for enrollment. These are often accelerated or Advanced Placement courses that require a student has previously demonstrated academic ability, commitment, and dependability. All application courses require the student and parent to sign the application. Applications are available below by clicking on the instructor's name. You will apply for these courses during the scheduling process in February/March.

AP Courses : Please visit our Advanced Placement course page for more information on AP course and exam information.

  AP Course Instructor & Application        Grade    
  AP Biology Ms. Beckett 11,12  
  AP Calculus AB Ms. Anderson   12  
  AP Chemistry Mr. McDonald11,12  
  AP English Language Mr. Perry   
  AP English Literature Ms. Miska   11,12  
  AP Environmental Science        Mr. Verellen 11,12  
  AP European History Mr. Pouliot    
  AP Government Mr. Howe   11,12  
  AP Human Geography (& Honors ELA 9)Mr. Leitheim/Ms. Tureff (no application) 
  AP Macroeconomics & AP Microeconomics        Mr. Miller   11,12  
  AP Physics Ms. Worthington   11,12  
  AP Psychology Ms. Oddi 10,11,12  
  AP Statistics Ms. Badr    11,12  
  AP Studio Art Ms. Johnson   11,12  
  AP US History (and/or Honors ELA 10)Ms. Smith 10  


  Application Course Instructor & Application        Grade  
  Applied Video InternshipMs. Reddy   10,11,12  
  Honors ELA 10 (and/or AP US History)Ms. Whitehead  10  
  Career InternshipMs. Engel    
  Dual Enrollment Ms. Burton   11,12  
  Honors Algebra II Ms. Gilmore (no application) 10  
  Honors Geometry Mr. Lock (no application) 
  Honors Pre-Calculus Ms. Eckerle (no application) 11  
  Oakland Schools Technical Campus (OSTC)         Ms. Alfano   
  School StoreMs. Rubin11,12 
  Student Leadership Mr. Rolando  10,11,12  
  Teacher Cadet/Advanced Teacher Cadet        Ms. Engel   
  Writing CenterMs. Hogan11,12  
  YearbookMr. Oddi 10,11,12