Coffee Talk 

Lakeland Counselors host Coffee Talk, a 30-minute T.V. show addressing relevant topics for Lakeland parents. Please contact any of the counselors to suggest topics for upcoming episodes. We want to discuss information that is relevant to what you want to know!

Coffee Talk episodes will be run on H.V.S.-T.V. throughout the year. Previous episodes will also be available on this page. Check back soon for new episodes, with new special guests, and new topics. All are welcome to attend tapings of upcoming Coffee Talk episodes and be a part of our live audience. Come enjoy the experience along with free coffee and bagels thanks to our sponsor, Blazing Bagels.

Season 7 (2015-2016 School Year)

Video DocumentEpisode 25  : The counselors opened up the Open House evening event for parents speaking about financial planning for college, opportunities to earn college credit in high school, scholarships, and communication within the school.

Video DocumentEpisode 26 : The counselors welcomed parents and students to Freshman Expo. We address the overcoming adversity and the benefit and learning that takes place when students struggle. If you weren't there, you'll want to watch. Liz Rushton... pink child's bike... the struggle ensues.

Video DocumentEpisode 27 : The 6th Annual Lakeland Top Ten Senior episode held on Senior Honors Night. Lakeland's 10 top seniors are highlighted and asked about their accomplishments over the past four years and their plans for the future. 

Season 6 (2014-2015 School Year)

 Video Document Episode 22 : The counselors welcomed parents to the school to start the Open House festivities. Special guest presenter, Julie Ouellette, our Career Center Facilitator, was on hand to encourage parent and students to make use of the resources available in the Career Center. We talked about career/college exploration, educational development plans, college visits, and the upcoming College Night.

Episode 23 : The counselors opened up Freshman Expo. There was an excellent turnout and a packed house as we focused on making the most of the freshman year and emphasized getting involved in the school community.

Video Document Episode 24  : The 5th Annual Lakeland Top Ten Senior episode held on Senior Honors Night. Lakeland's 10 top seniors are highlighted and asked about their accomplishments over the past four years and their plans for the future. 

Season 5 (2013-2014 School Year)

Video Document Episode 19  : The counselors discussed ways to be successful as we start a new year of high school. Special guest Scott Rolando discusses the new Link Crew mentoring program for 9th grade students at Lakeland.

Video Document Episode 20 : Opening up Freshman Expo, the counselors discussed what parents can do to best support their children entering into high school. Resources, supports, and opportunities for school involvement were also highlighted. 

Video Document Episode 21 : Back again! The counselors recognize the 4th annual, Lakeland Top Ten Senior episode of Coffee Talk before the Senior Honors ceremony. The Top 10 Lakeland Seniors share their struggles and successes during their journey through high school. 

Season 4 (2012-2013 School Year)

Video Document Episode 16 : To start off the school year the counselors focused on what students of all grade levels can be doing to prepare for their future after high school. Suggestions included getting involved in the school, using resources that are available to get extra help, and making sure you are on track for applying to college.

Episode 17 : The counselors opened up Freshman Expo talking about getting excited about coming to Lakeland High School, getting involved, and how to approach your academic courses in 9th grade. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties with our recording, this episode was never broadcasted... Guess you had to be there!

Episode 18 : The counselors hosted the 3rd annual, Lakeland Top Ten Senior episode of Coffee Talk before Senior Honors Night. The Top 10 students shared some of their experiences and advice for how to survive (and succeed) in high school. 

Season 3 (2011-2012 School Year)

Video Document Episode 11 : The counselors highlighted beginning of the year reminders, important study skills for students, and planning for all 4 years at Lakeland (and beyond!).

Video Document Episode 12 : The counselors discuss scholarships and how your students can get free money for school! The counselors act out skits to demonstrate how to take advantage of scholarship opportunities.

Video Document Episode 13 : The counselors open up the Freshman Expo and talk about getting excited for high school, managing 9th grade expectations, and differences between middle school and high school.

Video Document Episode 14 : Highlights from the first-ever Future Senior Parent Night including the counselor presentation and discussion of information presented to junior parents and students during the breakout sessions that evening.

Video Document Episode 15 : In what we hope will continue to be a yearly tradition, the counselors recognize Lakeland's Top Ten Seniors for the class of 2012 before the Senior Honors Ceremony.

Season 2 (2010-2011 School Year)

Video Document Episode 6 : The counselors discuss important grade level information for freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Get an idea of what students should expect as we start the new school year!

Video Document Episode 7 : Special guest Detective Sergeant Joseph Brian, who has 7 years of experience working in the Computer Crimes Unit of the Oakland County Sheriff's Department. The detective and counselors talk about the hot-button topic of cyber-bullying and online predators. We discuss what to do if your student is the victim of cyber-bullying and how to keep your student safe online.

Video Document Episode 8 : The counselors review crucial information that parents and students should know about Lakeland graduation requirements and transcripts. Planning for four years of high school and post-secondary education is also addressed. The counselors also review strategies for parents when it comes to communicating and working with teachers to promote student success.

Video Document Episode 9 : Special guest Kristin McMurren, assistant principal and mother of a high school student, talks about what incoming 9th graders should expect coming into high school. The counselors focus on helping parents and students understand the roles of each of the counselors and address questions from parents about how to best prepare their students for high school.

Video Document Episode 10: For our tenth episode, the counselors will be recognizing Lakeland's Top Ten Seniors! Join us as we highlight their accomplishments and ask students how they got to where they are today.

Season 1 (2009-2010 School Year)

Video Document Episode 1 : Special guest Stephanie Smyth, former college admissions advisor for Central Michigan University. Stephanie talks about the college application process and what colleges look for when deciding who to accept. Your Lakeland Counselors discuss topics including senior year information and back to school reminders.

Video Document Episode 2 : Special guest Greg Michaels, athletic director for Lakeland High School. Greg discusses N.C.A.A. requirements, college recruiting, and balancing academic and athletic responsibilities.

Video Document Episode 3 : The counselors focused on preparing for final exams and discussed study skills, test-taking strategies, brain chemistry, and test anxiety. Currently airing on H.V.S.-T.V. as well.

Video Document Episode 4 : Special guests included an L.H.S. parent and two current freshman students. The counselors focused on Lakeland High School expectations and transitioning to 9th grade.

Video Document Episode 5 : The counselors discussed important topics relating to college planning including: college timeline, choosing the right college, admissions criteria, paying for college, and parent tips.