***2018 A.P. Exam Online Registration*** - Click this link to register for your A.P. exams to be taken in May. Once online registration is complete, you will need to pay for your A.P. exams through PaySchools. Please note March 7th is a firm deadline to register and pay for any A.P. exams.

Advanced Placement offers students at Lakeland High School the opportunity to take college-level courses and exams. These courses allow students to potentially earn college credit, fulfill prerequisites for the first year in college, and give themselves an edge in the college admissions process. Students must apply for A.P. courses in the spring each year during online scheduling.

Should you take A.P.? : Why take an A.P. Course and Exam? What does it take to be successful in A.P.

2017-2018 AP Exam Schedule : A complete listing of all A.P. Exam dates.

A.P. Preparation Materials : Need help studying for your A.P. Exam?

A.P. College Credit  : How many college credits can I earn for passing the A.P. Exams?

A.P. Grading Policy : A.P. courses are graded on a 5.0 scale. Since these are college-level courses, it was determined that A.P. course grading would be weighted. All other courses, including honors courses, are still graded on a 4.0 scale.  

A.P. Courses Offered at Lakeland

Click on the name of the A.P. course for the course description and resources provided by CollegeBoard. All A.P. course applications are available on the Scheduling page. *Please be aware that there are school years when certain AP classes do not run due to low student enrollment.*