Lakeland High School Video Production Courses 

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Basic Video Grade Level: 9-12                                                              one semester/.5 credit
This class is intended to give you experiences that will prepare you for further education in broadcasting. Students will develop these skills through production of commercials, public service announcements, documentaries, interviews and a variety of other projects. Students will be required to videotape outside of the school day to complete projects. Cameras are available on a limited basis.  

Advanced Video Grade Level: 9-12                                                        multiple semesters/.5 credit Prerequisite: Successful completion of Basic Video
This course will further the skills learned in basic video and is intended to provide real world experiences in broadcasting. This class will focus on field production and electronic news gathering for broadcast on the school-wide newscast. Students will be required to tape outside of the school day to complete projects. This class is great for students who want to learn all aspects of production including writing, editing, and producing.  This class can lead to an internship opportunity with HVS-TV, the school’s educational access channel, which is housed in Lakeland High School. 

Applied Video Intern Grade Level: 10-12                                                multiple semesters/.5 credit
This is for the student who enjoys helping other students and has mastered the equipment in the video classroom. This course runs with the basic video class and students will be expected to assist in the basic video classroom while working independently on self-structured video projects. 

Broadcast News Grade Level: 10-12                                                       multiple semesters/.5 credit
This class is for the student who is interested in learning the broadcast news industry. Students will be given opportunities to appear as an anchor on the school-wide daily newscast as well as producing mini-documentaries to be aired on the news. Students will be responsible for news writing, production and post-production of the daily news cast. Students will be required to tape outside of the school day in order to complete projects.