Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do something every day that scares you.”  For many students, that thing was coming to school and being successful. Maybe the fear was due to the sense of dread when they were behind in credits or in everyday work. At the same time, the reason that Mrs. Roosevelt made this statement is that when we confront our fears on a daily basis, we become stronger people, ready to take on the world. Never underestimate the power of the first step. It only takes one small step of bravery, building on others, to create something great in life. When we confront our fears every day, we become a stronger person.

We often stress that Harbor is a beacon of light for each and every one of the students who come through the doors every day of the week. We tried to help our students confront their fears by creating a lunch program to reward students for their academic successes. We took students on several field trips to help them face the fear of what they will do when they graduate from our school. We ran several leadership courses to help guide how the school would run, and to create leaders in the building, and in our community.  We offer a variety of student support groups to help students face inner fears, conflicts, and addictions. Embracing change is a devotion to be better then you were yesterday, better than you were last week, and better than last year.

The best part of each of these programs is that it showed our students, parents, and the Huron Valley School community, that Harbor students could face their fears about the present and the future, and carve a strong path of success.


“If everyone had a safe harbor- nobody would be at risk”