Kindergarten Half Day Orientation

When: Tuesday, September 4, 2018  

Dear Kindergarten Parents,

The first day of school for kindergartners will be Tuesday, September 4th.  Kindergarten classes will be split into two groups, Group A and Group B, to attend a half day parent-child orientation on this first day.  Parents, or their designee, must stay with their child on this day.  Please bring a small snack to enjoy with your child.  Parents will be required to drive their child to school on the first day, stay, and drive their child home following the orientation.  There will be no busing provided for kindergarteners on this day! 

The following is the schedule for the first day:

-Group A (Last name A-M): Please arrive at Oxbow at 9:30 am.

-Group B (Last name N-Z): Please arrive at Oxbow at 1:00 pm.

All kindergartners and parents will meet inside their child’s classroom.  You will have the opportunity to meet the kindergarten teachers and find your child’s seat.  At that time, children will stay in the classroom to hear a story with one of our staff members and the parents will gather in the media center (library) to meet with some important people in your child’s education; our principal, Mr. McAuliffe, our social worker, and the kindergarten teachers.  There, we will go over some important things such as the Kindergarten Handbook and some of the school and classroom procedures.  There will also be a question and answer time provided.  Finally, we will all proceed back to the classroom where we will join the children for snack.  Together, we will explore the classroom, tour the school, and of course (weather permitting), the playground!!

The second and third day of school will proceed as a full day independently for the students, although the class will be split into two groups so only half will attend on each day.

-Group A students will attend a full day on Wednesday, September 5th.
-Group B students will attend a full day on Thursday, September 6th.
-All kindergarteners will attend on Friday, September, 7th.

Tuesday, Sept. 4th

-Group A attends 9:30am-12:36pm with parent or other designee
-Group B attends 1:00pm-4:06pm with parent or other designee

Wednesday, Sept. 5th

Group A only attends (full day).
Transportation is provided for all K-5th grade students

Thursday, Sept. 6th

Group B only attends (full day). 
‚ÄčTransportation is provided for all K-5th grade students

Friday, Sept.7th

All kindergarten students (Groups A & B) attend full day.
Transportation is provided for all K-5th grade students

We look forward to meeting you and your child!
Mrs. Domlovil, Mrs. Zaleski, & Mrs. Verellen