Johnson Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back! I hope your summer has been one of rejuvenation, relaxation, and fun! I am more excited than ever for the start of the school year and would like to share with you the staffing changes that you will notice this year at Johnson.

In kindergarten, we are excited to have added both Ms. Lempert and Ms. McPherson to the team. Their enthusiasm and passion for teaching, coupled with their love of children make them wonderful additions to the Johnson family. In third grade, we have added Ms. Mabie to the team. Ms. Mabie student taught at Johnson, worked as a long term guest teacher at Spring Mills, and is thrilled to come back to where her journey began. Likewise, were equally as thrilled to have her back at Johnson. In Art, we have added Mr. Fabinsky and Mrs. Turner to the “specials” team. They both have experience teaching Art in Huron Valley, and are described by colleagues as “dynamic educators with a deep passion for Art education. “ We’re thrilled that they will be bringing their talents to Johnson’s Art program! In Student Support Services, we have added Mrs. Haskill. Mrs. Haskill comes to us with a vast array of experience working with children of varying backgrounds and needs. Undoubtedly, she will be a valuable asset to Johnson. Also in Support Services, replacing Mrs. Willyard will be Mrs. Moreno. Although it was sad to see Mrs. Willyard move to a different building, I know for a fact our students are in good hands with Mrs. Moreno. Her extensive experience working in Title 1 buildings will be valuable as we, at Johnson, begin our Title 1 journey.  Lastly, in Support Services, we’re excited to have added Mrs. Congdon as a behavior interventionist. She will be working with identified students, ensuring they receive the research based interventions they need to help them to be successful day in and day out. If and when you have an opportunity, please welcome our new hires to the Johnson family!

For those that have not experienced pick up/drop off at Johnson, with being so close to General Motors Road, keeping a steady flow of traffic and adhering to drop off/pick up procedures is imperative to ensuring a safe and efficient pick up/drop off for all children. I would like to thank you ahead of time for following our drop off/pick up procedures as closely as possible. It really does make a difference. See below:

Drop Off/Pick up

  • All cars, regardless of grade level, should enter the drop off area to the north and simply pull up to the nearest car in front of them. We’ve found that this helps to reduce cars weaving in and out, making it safer for children entering and exiting vehicles. Once you’ve either picked up or dropped off, the far lane should be accessible for exiting to the south. On most days an employee will be out front waving cars to pull ahead. They are doing their best to keep traffic moving through the drop off area safely. Thank you for your understanding 
  •  It is important that parking does not take place in the drop off area. If you would like to walk your child into the building or even just wait with them until the bell rings, we welcome you to use the south parking lot. Between 9:25-3:30, the bus loop is also available for parent parking.
  • As part of our enhancements to safety, we will continue to have staff in the drop off areas from 9 am until the first bell.
  • All parents picking up your child at the end of the school day will need to wait outside the building until the bell rings. If you want to pick up your child from his/her classroom, or the office, please do so after the first bell. This minimizes the loss of instruction to all children and increases building safety by not having parents wait inside the building, or by classrooms, prior to the end of the school day. Certainly, if your child is leaving the building early for an appointment, please sign out in the main office.

Entering my fourth year as principal at Johnson, I am more excited and confident than ever that, by working together, we will make this our best year yet. Thank you for all you do!

In Partnership,

Josh Gignac