April 1, 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians,

Starting shortly after we return from Spring Break, Johnson Elementary students in grade 3-5 will be taking the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progess (M-STEP). These assessments will be online and all grades (3-5) will take Math and ELA (English Language Arts) assessments. Fifth grade will also take Social Studies and Science assessments.

See below for the testing windows at Johnson and a list of ways you can support your student during this time. Thank you!



Mr. Gignac

Principal, Johnson Elementary


P.S. More detailed information regarding M-STEP was shared in March’s Newsletter and can be retrieved by clicking here: http://www.hvs.org/downloads/joes_documents/march_2017.pdf

Testing Days:

5th Grade: April 11, 17, 24 and 26th

4th Grade: May 1 and 8

3rd Grade: May 3 and 10


Ways to help your child be successful:

  •   Do your best to have you child in school and on time every day during the testing window.
  •   Be sure to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast on testing days.
  •   Get a good night’s rest the night before testing days.
  •   Encourage your child to do their personal best!