Dear Johnson Parents and/or Guardians,

As May flowers finish blooming and the warmth of June’s spring air turns to summer breezes, much like those flowers, we too at Johnson continue to celebrate our growth as learners. This month, NWEA MAP assessment for grades K-5 officially closed. We have been making our way through this assessment since April, and with M-STEP being taken by grades 3 – 5, it’s worth celebrating the culmination of Spring testing. As busy a time of the year as this is, it’s important that we take time to recognize and celebrate that ever so important growth each stop along the way!

As a district, our Board of Education has set a goal that 60% of all students perform at or above the average range of the 40th percentile according to the NWEA MAP assessment. As a building we track these percentages over the course of the year. For SY 2018-2019, we met that goal in both math and reading. In reading 63% of our students scored at or above the average range on the MAP test. Keeping in mind that statistically, 50% would score above that range, we are pleased to have scored above that threshold. We also reached our goal in math with 65% of all students scoring above the 40th percentile as well. Building wide, we will continue to look at ways to grow in both areas and I am confident we can and will reach or exceed our goals in future years as well! It’s important to note that that the online assessment can be tricky for our kindergarten readers. The good news is that according to their Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark reading assessments, 75% of our kindergarteners read at or above the spring proficiency level! This underscores the importance of using multiple metrics to measure success. NWEA scores across grade level can be seen below. Percentages measure the number of students scoring above the 40th percentile.

Reading               Math

K             36%                        48% (This is their first year taking an online assessment)

1              64%                        68%

2              66%                        71%

3              64%                        59%

4              73%                        76%

5              73%                        69%

Kudos to our teachers in the classrooms (Tier 1), our Tier 2 literacy support provided by Mrs. O’Neil and her team, our Tier 3 support delivered through Mrs. Armstrong, Mrs. Haskill, Mrs. Stuart and their team of paraprofessionals, and of course you as parents for all of your support! As I’ve always said, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts!


Mr. Gignac

Principal, Johnson Elementary