Classroom Phones & Messages

The classroom phone will not ring in the teacher's room during the school day. We need teachers to be teaching when the children are here. However, teachers have voice mail capability.

If you have an important message for your child to receive before the end of the school day, please leave it for the office to deliver.

Remember to call before 3:15 PM if you need your child to receive your information. Please do not use the office each day to remind your child  to get on the bus or or go to pick up.  A note to the teacher in your child's backpack or planner is the best way to be sure your child knows what to do at the end of the day.


Name Position Phone
Gerwolds, Cristin Elementary Office Coordinator
Hamilton, Gary Principal 248.684.8075
Long, Barbara Para Educator 248.684.8075
Towne, Kim Para Educator 248.684.8075

Junior Kindergarten

Name Position Phone
Richter, Meredith Teacher
Suryan, Amy Teacher 248.684.8075


Name Position Phone
Bernardi, Lindsay Teacher 248.684.8075 x5213
Brooks, Kelly Teacher 248.684.8075 x5216
Price, Carly Teacher 248.684.8075
Rosing, Laura Teacher 248.684.8075 x5215

1st Grade

Name Position Phone
Dickinson, Dayna Teacher 248.684.8075 x5229
Perrett, Renee Teacher 248.684.8075 x5211
Short, Nicole Teacher 248.684.8075 x5244
Yash, Alice Teacher 248.684.8075 x5210

2nd Grade

Name Position Phone
Fedorka, Kelly Teacher 248.684.8075
Renko, Lori Teacher 248.684.8075 x5228
Salyers, Katie Teacher 248.684.8075

3rd Grade

Name Position Phone
Giola, Debbie Teacher 248.684.8075
Lopes, Jennifer Teacher 248.684.8075 x5225
MacIsaac, Shannon Teacher 248.684.8075 x5224
Pierce, Marci Teacher 248.684.8075 x5242

4th Grade

Name Position Phone
Heiman, Tamara Teacher 248.684.8075 x5215
Holland, Kathy Teacher 248.684.8075 x5234
Lewalski, Karen Teacher 248.684.8075 x5216
Sysko, Carrie Teacher 248.684.8075 x5230

5th Grade

Name Position Phone
Ladd, Nathan Teacher 248.684.8075
Rennie, Stacy Teacher 248.684.8075 x5240
Spring, Mitch Teacher 248.684.8075 x5218
Thompson, Jacqueline Teacher 248.684.8075 x5220


Name Position Phone
Warner, Debby Teacher 248.684.8075


Name Position Phone
Allen, Debbie Technology Integrator 248.684.8075 x5230 COE 5350 Heritage


Name Position Phone
LaPratt, Sylvia Teacher 248.684.8050
Marquis, Doug Teacher 248.684.8075 x5222

Physical Education

Name Position Phone
Arnold, Ryan Teacher 248.684.8075 x5220
Browne, Chris Teacher 248.684.8020 x5534


Name Position Phone
Rutkowski, Janeene Media Technician 248.684.8075 x5235

Support Staff

Name Position Phone
Berry, Amanda Lunch/Playground Supervisor
Cross, Carrie Para Educator
Culham, Lisa Para Educator 248.684.8075
Dahl, Char Para Educator 248.684.8075
Feather, Kelly Literacy Coach 248.684.8075 x8017
Korth, Janet Lunch/Playground Supervisor 248.684.8075
Newman, Denise Para Educator 248.684.8075
Shaw, Linda Para Educator 248.684.8075
Shotwell, Lori Lunch/Playground Supervisor
Smith, Amy Lunch/Playground Supervisor 248.684.8075
Terry, Tonya Lunch/Playground Supervisor 248.684.8075
Vucinaj, Vera Lunch/Playground Supervisor

Special Education

Name Position Phone
Braun, Emily Teacher 248.684.8075 x5232
Cook, Shannon Speech and Language Pathologist 248.684.8075
Eklund, Michelle Social Worker 248.684.8040
Osterhart, Susan Para Educator 248.684.8075
Podgorski, Pamela Para Educator 248.684.8075
Quinn, Julie Para Educator 248.684.8075
Riley, Paige Psychologist
Saldana, Millie Teacher Consultant 248.684.8075 x5247
Willyard, Nancy Social Worker 248-676-8473 x8473

Food Service

Name Position Phone
McDiarmid, Jill Cafeteria Manager 248.684.8075
Worley, Kellie Cafeteria Manager 248.684.8101

Maintenance & Operations

Name Position Phone
Andrews, Monty Custodian 248.684.8075
Connors, Brian Working Leader 248.684.8075
Wilson, Donald Custodian 248.684.8075

Recreation & Community Education

Name Position Phone
Palanca, Rochelle School Age Care Staff 248.676.8390