Information for Parents

School Closings and Evacuations

Inclement weather, hazardous road conditions, power outages or other incidents may require the closing of school. However, there are strict state requirements on the number of hours of education for public school students. The state provides up to 30 hours for inclement weather/emergency closings. We are required to make up any additional hours. With student safety as our first priority, every effort is made to avoid school closings when possible. In bad weather, the decision to close school is made after:

  • Road conditions are tested by the District Transportation Department,
  • Weather conditions are examined (weather advisories, storm patterns, temperature, etc.),
  • Oakland County Road Commission’s ability to plow area roads is determined, and
  • The condition of school driveways and parking lots are assessed.

The Superintendent closes school based on the severity of these items coupled with our ability to
transport students safely.

When the District closes school or releases students early, we notify the local TV news stations; radio stations WJR (760), WHMI (93.5FM), WWJ (950AM) and WKQI (95.5FM). You can check the District Hotline (248.684.8282) or online via our District Home Page. You can also sign up for the school closing List Serv on the District
website. Please do not call your child’s school.

Power outages, gas leaks and even storms may require evacuation during the school day to ensure the safety of your children. An evacuation may involve moving students to another building. Under these conditions, Michigan law allows districts the authority to move children to a place of safety without parental permission. In addition, Huron Valley Schools’ policy prohibits sending elementary and middle school students home in the middle of the day. Our procedures are as follows:

  • Elementary and middle school students will be transported by Huron Valley Schools trained bus drivers to an alternate location with their teachers
  • Instructional activities will continue at the new location
  • Lunch will be provided, if necessary
  • Staff will initiate a fan out to notify parents of the situation, if the building has one
  • If possible, students will be transported back to their school for instruction for the remainder
    of the day and regular dismissal

If students cannot be returned to the building:

  • Parents who choose to pick up their student(s) must come to the alternate location to
    check them out.
  • If safe to do so, walkers will be transported back to their school to walk home at the end
    of the day or they may be picked at the new location.
  • Bus riders will be taken from the new location directly to their route home at the end of
    the day.

For specific building evacuation procedures, please contact your building principal.