Open Enrollment Guidelines 2015-2016

Open Enrollment applications for all grades will be available February 2, 2015 until September 11, 2015. Applications will not be accepted for Country Oaks & Heritage Elementary, which the Superintendent has deemed "closed to transfer." Only students who are currently attending Country Oaks or Heritage Elementary, but have moved to an address within the District, and students with siblings already attending Country Oaks & Heritage Elementary may submit an Open Enrollment application for consideration.

Open Enrollment placement will be determined on a space-available, grade-available basis. Open Enrollment applications are available on the District website and in all school offices and should be returned to any school office or to the Office of Pupil Personnel for processing. (Note: For kindergarten students and students in grades 6 and 9, or new students to the district in all grades, open enrollment requests do not require principals' signatures.)

If applications exceed available classroom seats at a particular school, those requests will be selected for approval in the following order:

1st - Students who are currently attending the Open Enrollment school, but have moved to an address within the District.
2nd - Students with siblings in the Open Enrollment school.
3rd - Lottery system if the number of applications exceeds available openings.

Special consideration may be given for unique situations based on educational needs, health-related issues or behavioral concerns and/or at the discretion of the building principal.

Discipline, attendance and other considerations can be a factor in granting Open Enrollment requests. Denied candidates may resubmit a request at the next Open Enrollment application period.

Parents will be notified if their Open Enrollment application has been approved by September 11, 2015. Open Enrollment requests made after the start of the semester(s) will be evaluated on their educational merit and at the discretion of the Principal.

Once granted, the Open Enrollment option will remain in effect for at least one school year and continue in effect following that period unless the student, parent/guardian, or the school take formal action to rescind the option. This includes students on an IEP under an independent academic or behavior plan. Students enrolled in the ½ day kindergarten program are the exception, since a new Open Enrollment form must be completed and approved to remain in the Open Enrollment school for first grade. High school students granted an Open Enrollment optional transfer would be ineligible for interscholastic athletic competition for one full semester except for those reasons supporting eligibility under Section 9 of the MHSSA Handbook.

Parents are responsible for the transportation of Open Enrolled students to and from school. The Transportation Department may consider providing transportation services for Open Enrolled students, assigning them to the nearest bus stop on existing bus routes, if space is available. Applications for transportation services will be taken by the Transportation Department and will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. However; requests will not be processed or approved until a minimum of three weeks after the start of the school year. If you are requesting transportation services, please email the Transportation Department at with your student information and a request for Open Enrollment transportation. Parents need to have other transportation arrangements in place for three weeks of the school year and possibly all year as there is no guarantee that the Transportation Department will be able to provide service.

For additional information, please contact Pupil Personnel at 248-676-8431.