The Huron Valley Schools Business Office provides the operational expertise in the area of business affairs that support the mission, objective, and strategies of the District.  


The primary functions of this office include budget and financial reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, grant reporting, banking and investments, and debt service.  The Business Office also focuses on managing trends in the state funding structure and the impact this has on the district’s budget capacity. 


Huron Valley Schools invites input into the annual budget process from all stakeholders, such as staff, parents, students and community members.  If you are interested in submitting budget suggestions, please use the Budget Suggestion Form below.  You may email the form to Donna.Welch@HVS.org or send it to Huron Valley Schools, attn: Donna A. Welch, CPA, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, 2390 S. Milford Road, Highland, MI 48357.  If you have questions on the form, please contact Michele Wilkins, Executive Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services, at 248.684.8248.  Thank you for becoming part of the budget process.


PDF DocumentBudget Suggestion Form



Contact Information

Geoffrey G. VanGoethem Supervisor of Finance 248.684.8226
Sandy Elka Supervisor of Budget & Purchasing 248.684.8178
Cindy LeMarbe Payroll/Accounting Coordinator 248.684.8259
Dawn Maier Payroll Coordinator 248.684.8222
Gayle Kozloski Administrative Assistant 248.684.8256
Jessica Szakal Administrative Assistant 248.676.8392
Debi Niss Accounts Payable 248.684.8260
Marie Williams Accounts Payable 248.684.8231