Lakeland Eagles Equestrian Team Wins Regional Competition

The Eagles were flying this weekend as the Lakeland Equestrian C division team won the Regional competition over second place Fowlerville by a span of 53 points! Our C team has now earned their place as the best in the Region, a standing that puts them as one of the top ten C teams in Michigan! lhsequestrian2011These 5 riders, Christa Carter, Hannah Feather, Jessica MacDonald, Jennifer Saksa, and Anna Tawril, competed in Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat, Jumping, Western Equitation, Trail (with obstacles), Gymkhana (barrels, flags, poles and two man relay; all run at breakneck speed). They are an amazing team of highly versatile, talented riders with a dedicated team of coaches led by head coach, Sue Raupp.

Divisions are determined by the number of riders on a team. This year Lakeland had both an A division team (10 riders) and a C division team (5 riders) who competed at the district level. The first place district team moves to the regional competition. The first and second place teams in each division at the regional level moves to the state competition.

For Huron Valley, Lakeland's C team and Milford's A team cheered and supported one another as both qualified for the State competition that will be held at Midland over the weekend of October 15th! The camaraderie between the teams has been great this year! Members of the Lakeland A division team and some of our graduated former riders were there to cheer on the team as they rode to their first Regional win and the first chance at a state championship since 1977!




Photo Caption: Senior Christa Carter showing her horse Skip at the Regional championships for the Lakeland Eagles.