New Online Learning Opportunities for High School

For the 2011-12 school year, Huron Valley Schools is pleased to announce increased opportunities for online course work for our high school students. This initiative aligns with the Governor's call for "anywhere, any time, any place" learning. This new delivery model provides more flexibility in scheduling and addresses different learning styles.

Students may be enrolled in one online course to be held in the school's computer lab. Students will have the option to work from home if approved by the instructor, but all exams must be taken at school.

There are advantages to these new online opportunities:

· Students could enroll in and complete multiple courses to create flexibility for future enrollment interests.
· Online learning affords opportunities to individualize programming.
· Students have the ability to move at their own pace.
· Students have the opportunity to earn credit outside the traditional classroom.
· Greater flexibility in student schedules may offer more opportunities to work outside of school.
· The courses prepare students for online learning requirements after graduation.

For more information on this initiative, contact:

Lakeland High Associate Principal Marc Kay at 248-676-8324
Milford High Assistant Principal Eric Dziobak at 248-684-8089