Destination Imagination Now Offered Through HVRCE!

I already know the basics... sign me up!

If your child would like to be involved with Huron Valley Creativity / Destination Imagination for the 2016-17 Season, please fill out the following sign-up form so we can place them on a team.

Google FormsHuron Valley Creativity Sign-Up Form

Read more about the program and registration process below.

What is Destination Imagination?

Destination Imagination is a place to explore the unlimited potential of your imagination.  Destination Imagination encourages children to build on their strengths and discover skills they never knew they possessed.  Skills could be technical, theatrical, analytical, organizational, comical or musical . . . the list goes on!  Not only does DI teach kids how to tap into their creativity, but also how to solve problems and work together as a team.  Most importantly, it is FUN!!

What is Huron Valley Creativity?

"Huron Valley Creativity"  is the official organization name for all teams hosted by Huron Valley Recreation & Community Education.   Teams have the opportunity to showcase and compete at local tournaments - all of our teams compete under the team name "Huron Valley Creativity."

Who can participate?

Destination Imagination is available for all students from kindergarten through college. Kindergarten through first grade students can participate in the non-competitive (and totally fun) Rising Stars category. Each team needs a strong commitment of at least one dedicated parent "Team Manager" to help guide the team through the program. Even though Huron Valley Creativity is organized within the Huron Valley School district, participants need not be registered with Huron Valley Schools or live within Huron Valley Schools boundaries.

How does it work?

Children are on teams of 4-7 members and work on a team chosen “team challenge,” through which they present unique solutions to complex challenges.  The challenge can focus on a variety of topics such as technical, scientific, fine arts, improvisational, structural and community outreach.  These solutions often take the form of a skit or presentation. Aside from the “team challenge,” the team also will practice many “instant challenges”.

The program runs from October through March.  Each team sets their meeting times and frequency. School meeting space is available, based on the schedule of each HVS facility.

How much does it cost for my child to participate?

The basic program fee is $50.00 per student, which is a bargain for a six month (or more) fun and engaging program.  The registration fee will register the participant as a team member on one of our teams, and register their team for the local tournament. The program fee also includes a Huron Valley Creativity T-Shirt, Instant Challenge workshops, Mock Tournament night, and an end-of-the-year pool party celebration that will occur in the spring. Huron Valley Creativity will even cover the cost of the tournament fee if your team qualifies for the state tournament!

Additional costs may include: supplies that teams need to work on their challenge, snacks for team meetings, travel costs to the tournaments.

How do I get my child registered?

Step 1. Sign Up

Due Date: October 14th

All interested participants must complete the Huron Valley Creativity Signup Form. This will give us a list of everyone that is going to participate this year and will help us in forming teams. Please complete this form no later than October 14th so that teams can be formed in a timely manner. Be sure to tell us if you want to be placed on a team with your friends and if you already know who your team manager will be. We will make our best effort to place everyone who fills out the signup form onto a team!

Step 2. Join your team

If you have a team of 5-7 members and you know who your Team Manager will be then you are all set! You have joined your team and you can start meeting as soon as your Team Manager is ready! If you are all by yourself, or just have less than five members, Huron Valley Creativity will work with your Team Manager to complete your team roster. No Team Manager? See step 3 below.

Your team roster will be completed no later than October 21st.

Step 3. Get your Manager

If a Team Manager has not been identified for a team we will contact parents to ask for volunteers. If you know that you do not have a Team Manager then you will want to start looking for a responsible adult (18 years or older and out of High School) who can help guide your team through the creative process this year. You must have at least one Team Manager, but you can have up to two Team Managers. Two Team Managers is ideal!

Step 4. Register Your Team

Due Date: October 28th.  

Team Managers will receive a Team Registration Form with instructions on how to complete and submit the form. Team Managers will gather information from their team member's parent or guardian and complete the Team Registration Form. The form will need to be returned to Apollo Center no later than October 28th.

Step 5. Pay to Participate

When Huron Valley Recreation and Community Education processes your team registration, each participant's parent or guardian identified on the Team Registration Form will receive an Email with instructions on how to pay for participation in the program. PLEASE pay in a timely manner to avoid confusion during the tournament registration process in January.

Questions?  Want to learn more?  Want to commit to being a team manager? Interested in Volunteering? 

Huron Valley Recreation must provide one volunteer/appraiser per team for the local tournament - we'd love your help!  Check out the video below to learn more:

Email Doug Cyporyn.

More about Destination Imagination:

Destination Imagination is an innovative organization that teaches life skills and expands imagination through teamwork-based problem solving.  Teams create "Team Solutions" by creating a short skit or presentation that showcases the teams ideas and solutions to challenges.  Kids gain more than just basic knowledge and skills; they learn to unleash their imaginations and take unique approaches to problem solving.

Check out Destination External Linkto find out more about the program. Also take a look Mi External Linkto learn more about how the program is run in Michigan.