Help the Coalition achieve its mission of mobilizing the community against substance abuse!


Like Working with Youth?

  • Chaperone youth events
  • Volunteer to assist with youth focus groups
  • Volunteer to help with administration of the Social Marketing Campaign and/or Project Sticker Shock

Like Meeting New People in the Community?

  • Attend Coalition meetings
  • Distribute posters, promotional materials to the community
  • Pick-up food, help set-up, assist with registration at Coalition events
  • Help conduct, pass out surveys at school, parent, sport, community events
  • Volunteer to solicit donations of items for focus groups
  • Visit tobacco retailers and educate them about the Youth Tobacco Act

Have Communications, PR and/or Marketing Skills?

  • Volunteer as a Graphic Artist
  • Serve on a Public Relations Advisory Committee
  • Write freelance articles for the e-newsletter
  • Serve on a Family Day or "Not a Minor Problem" Committee
  • Take pictures/video at events
  • Update links on website

Have Financial or Sales Skills?

  • Serve on our Finance Committee
  • Serve on our fundraising committee
  • Solicit donations

Enjoy Clerical Work?

  • Develop and maintain a list of Coalition members
  • Help make copies, put together mailings in the Coalition office
  • Help with teen surveys-check for clean copies
  • Update the Coalition website

Enjoy Collecting and/or Analyzing Facts?

  • Help analyze survey information
  • Collect community indicators from police departments, hospitals, EMS
  • Assist with evaluation focus groups
  • Assist youth in conducting surveys
  • Pass out parent surveys