"The Effect of Alcohol on Teen Brain Development" A no-cost dinner and presentation was provided to parents and Middle School teens on how alcohol effects teen brain development. The Behavioral Health Specialists from Maplegrove Treatment Center presented two concurrent run presentations to the teens and their parents.

"Family Guide to Safe Parties" Most parents want to set clear expectations for their children. The brochure, "Family Guide to Safe Parties" gives suggestions to parents about guidelines for youth gatherings. The research is clear: most Oakland County youth who drink alcohol get the alcohol from friends and family members. These guidelines are written to help parents model healthy beliefs and clear family standards.

Why is it so important to educate Tobacco Retailers about complying with the Youth Tobacco Act? Every day, about 3,000 young people become regular smokers. One-third of these youths will die from smoking related diseases. If children can be prevented from using tobacco products, they are likely to remain smoke-free for the rest of their lives. The Synar program is designed to limit youth's access to tobacco.

Parents Who Host Lose the Most, Don't Be a Party to Teenage Drinking fact cards provide the legal information warning adults about the penalties for providing alcohol to youth under 21 years of age.

"Riding with Someone who has been Drinking" Students from the International Academy West collaborated on a social marketing campaign to raise awareness on the dangers of riding with someone who has been drinking. They presented and filmed a real-life video to 8th grade students at HV Middle Schools. This video was seen in HV Middle and High Schools, as well as on HVSTV and the HVS website.